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More Content Coming to Evolve - Not Just Skins

Are you already getting the hang out of the available hunters on Evolve since it dropped? Well, good news: it's time to try something new.
2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have announced that on March 31, they're throwing down four brand-new hunter classes to play, as well as one new monster. The better news is that if you don't purchase it, you'll still be able to play with or against them online, so you won't be delegated to the dark corners of the Internet for people who don't buy DLC.

Done With (Multiplayer) Demos

Earlier this week Evolve launched, and if you're not familiar with the concept it is a 4-vs-1 game style that features a collective of (four) hunters working together in order to take down (one) large monster creature. It is a concept that nearly exclusively features online-multiplayer and progressive character building. Our review should be up shortly, but is unfortunately delayed because of my diminished interest in actually playing games.


Well because I was burnt out on the beta, which is what I wish to spend a little bit of time talking about today.

Evolve [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Evolve has the unfortunate feeling of being a part of a game. While the concept is fully realized, and there's plenty of gameplay hours, character diversity, and maps/modes to explore... it will always feel like a multiplayer-only disc release like this is lacking, perhaps thanks to the release of Team Fortress 2 in the Orange Box.

The Pros: 

+Interesting and original game-play style
+Diverse character roster
+Well balanced gameplay
+Awesome character design (monsters and hunters alike!)

The Cons: 

-Limited appeal that will drop off quickly over time
-Feels like it's lacking real "meat" to the overall package Rating : 

The concept of a 4-v-1 multiplayer game-style is something that I just happen to find exciting. It's doubly interesting for me when you throw in a class-based shooter system, where the 4 that are working against the 1 are forced to play complementary roles. Team-based gameplay at its finest, if you ask me. When Evolve was announced, and I heard we could not only have all of that, but got to play as a big bad-ass monster, I was totally sold.


One thing that I'm constantly asked about by customers is "Why are they removing features?" This is, of course, in regard to the current-gen versions of certain games. It happened with the September release of NHL 15, and it's happening again with the upcoming November 18th release of WWE 2k15.

Take Two and WWE Finalize Publishing Deal, New Talent To Oversee Future WWE Games

Take Two and the WWE have officially finalized their deal which will see all future WWE games published under the 2K Sports banner for the next five years.  As reported last week, the deal reached between Take Two and the WWE will not only see core developers from THQ return to the project, but the team at Yuke’s as well.  Such news led wrestling fans into a tale-spin of depression that would only be rivaled by John Cena being the WWE champ again for thr

Take Two's XCOM Reboot May Be Going In Another Direction [Rumor]

It can be fun to see a game evolve over time but such a thing can also show how troubled and unfocused development may be as well.  Over the last few years we've seen and heard of some true horror stories such as the legendary Duke Nukem Forever debacle and I Am Alive, but those could be trumped by the oft delayed and seemingly ever changing XCOM shooter being prepped by 2K Games.

Borderlands 2 Special Editions' Content Finally Revealed.

Back during this year's PAX East, Gearbox Software gave Borderlands fans a sneak peek at two pieces of Borderland themed goodies that will be included within two different Collector's Edition versions of Borderlands 2 that will release along with the standard version.

We got to see a Marcus Kincaid bobble head doll and Loot Chest replica and finally today Gearbox has revealed what other loot fans can expect that will come with the two different Collector's Editions.

Ken Levine Provides A Not So Great Update On BioShock For The PlayStation Vita

It was nearly a year ago that Sony surprised us during their E3 conference with one announcement: BioShock would be arriving on the PlayStation Vita. The impact of such announcement was made that more impactful as none other than Ken Levine, the head of Irrational Games and creator of the BioShock series, made the reveal.  

First Peek at Borderlands 2 Special Editions & New DLC Info

Gearbox Software revealed some interesting new developments concerning their upcoming highly anticipated RPG/Shooter, Borderlands 2 at this year's PAX East.

New Spec Ops: The Line Trailer Has More Gritty War Action

War is hell and this new trailer for Spec Ops: The Line shows us that while finally channeling a mood similar to Apocalypse Now with a small dash of EXTREME blow-em up modern warfare gameplay.  It still surprises me that not a lot of hype has been raised for Spec Ops: The Line but at this point I guess all 2K Games can do is cross their fingers and hope for the best seeing as how the game is finally coming out on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in late June.

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