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VFS Game Design Expo 2011

A few weeks back I got to take part in the annual Vancouver Film School’s Game Design Expo. For the second year in a row, the VFS GDE was phenomenal. The event itself is very much based on drawing students to the game design program that is offered at VFS. The build of the weekend event is a Saturday filled with interviews and a Sunday chalked full of Campus and Course overview.

Halo 5 Logo Spotted At A Microsoft Showcase

At a Microsoft presentation given to a Channel 4 Reporter at Microsoft Redmond's Offices concerning the future application of the Microsoft Kinect, a Halo 5 logo was spotted. Seen right next to logos for "Grandma's Room" and Project Gotham Racing, here's the main question about the Halo 5 logo: what happened to Halo 4?

Possible Details on the Halo HD Remake [RUMOR]

For the past few months there have been rumblings of HD remake of the first Halo game.  Such a thing would be rather fitting at this time as we’re reaching the 10th anniversary of Halo’s debut on the original Xbox, which once again makes me feel very old for some reason.  Despite the rumblings of a Halo HD remake we never really got any substantial details and Microsoft themselves commented that the business model of HD remakes wasn’t one the company was actively looking into.  But now we finally have some firm details on the Halo HD rumor which I think may not go over well w

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