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Anarchy Reigns

Anarchy Reigns - Hands-On [E3 2011]

Japanese developers are mostly known for creating engaging worlds that are often crazy or simply have gameplay that is beyond ridiculous.  There are obviously some developers who tend to keep their content in check by not going overboard, but Platinum Games surely isn’t one of them and for that I love the company.

The Multiplayer Based Brawling Of Anarchy Reigns Gets Bumped To 2012

Sega has just announced that its upcoming action based multiplayer game Anarchy Reigns will be delayed into next year – in Japan at least.  The latest game from acclaimed developer Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Vanquish), Anarchy Reigns is a huge departure of sorts as it’s entirely centered around gamers battling each other online as opposed to being a straight-up single-player adventure.

Anarchy Reigns Gets Another Massive Character Addition

It’s been a while but yet another combatant in Sega’s upcoming brawler Anarchy Reigns has been announced. Joining the already eclectic mix of characters that consists of a robo bull, an icy female vixen and a dude with a chainsaw arm is Nikolai – a bulking Russian behemoth.  Just like everyone else in Anarchy Reigns Nikolai is completely crazy in both his appearance and what his abilities are. But at this point does anyone expect developer Platinum Games to give us something that isn’t a little bit crazy?

Two New Characters Are Revealed In Anarchy Reigns [Screens/Video]

I thought the folks at Sega were taking a reprieve from the Anarchy Reigns hype machine, but here we are with new screenshots and an actual video that shows direct gameplay footage that’s devoid of any stylish editing.  Despite what we’ve learned about Anarchy Reigns like how it’ll feature destructible environments and have Mad World protagonist Jack as the main character in the single-player campaign, there are still a lot of questions concerning Anarchy Reigns, none of which I think will be ans

Anarchy Reigns Single-Player Details Surface

A mere month ago we didn’t know about Anarchy Reigns at all but now the game is being looked at as a potential sleeper hit of 2011 based on the lineage of developer Platinum Games.    Sega, who is publishing Anarchy Reigns, went on a promotional blitz for the game that has since subsided, no doubt because the game won’t be available until Fall 2011.  But while we haven’t been inundated with videos of icy femme fatales with a little something extra in the backside department, we do have some new details on Anarchy Reigns, specifically the single-player mode which

Latest Anarchy Reigns Trailer Is A Four-Way Action Fest

I think the sudden Anarchy Reigns media blitz may finally be at an end for now due to the recent release of yet another trailer.  After introducing us to the four main characters in Anarchy Reigns (Sasha, Zero, Jack and Big Bull) we now have a trailer in which all four combatants are letting loose on the field of combat, so that means dudes are getting messed up big time.

Round Two of Anarchy Reigns Gameplay Footage Features A Sci-Fi Ninja

Yesterday almost unexpectedly we received a gameplay trailer for Anarchy Reigns, the new game from Bayonetta developer Platinum Games.  Announced a mere week ago, the hype for Anarchy Reigns has already gone through the roof due to the lineage of Platinum Games and the fact that we’re getting an online brawler from a Japanese developer.

First Gameplay Footage of Anarchy Reigns Surfaces

Anarchy Reigns looks like it could be something special based on the premise and the few screens we’ve seen so far.  The game comes from a developer who specializes in developing absurd action games, has a cool visual style to it and it’s going to be an online based brawler – which is always nice to have.  Last week we were privy to see a short but cool teaser trailer for Anarchy Reigns and today we have our first snippet of gameplay footage from what could be a surprise hit for 2011.

Anarchy Reigns Trailer Is Short But Still Cool + New Screens

When Anarchy Reigns (Max Anarchy in Japan) was announced earlier this week I wouldn’t quite say I was exceeding level 9,000 on the hype meter.  As a fan of Platinum Games I was looking forward to seeing what they were cooking up next, especially in regards to the multiplayer focused nature of Anarchy Reigns, which is something not a lot of Japanese devs have attempted or succeeded at.

Sega Officially Announces Anarchy Reigns From Platinum Games

Earlier this week Famitsu unveiled Max Anarchy, the latest game from Bayonetta and Vanquish developer Platinum Games. Once again Platinum Games is intent on giving gamers an action packed experience unlike anything they’ve played before, but this time gamers are going to have to play with others as Max Anarchy is an online centric multiplayer game that is essentially a constant battle royale.

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