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Bandai Namco

Xenoverse Receives First DLC Pack Tomorrow

If you've been following the site the last little while, you know that I'm a fan of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. I gave it a pretty favourable review and I haven't been able to stop talking about it on Radial Dialogue. Further, people who ask me what I'm playing these days always get an earful about my current addiction.

Potential Mega Awesome Dream Project In The Works Between Sega, Capcom, and Bandai Namco

A video game dream game may be in the works that could in turn be so damn cool that the world will simply implode since such a thing has never been experienced before. Either that or gamers will simply be disappointed by the end result in such a way that mass boycotts will be held against three major companies in the industry.  But here’s the lowdown: earlier today Nintendo teased of a mystery collaboration that’s going on between Capcom, Sega, and Bandai Namco that’s being done for the Nintendo 3DS.

Namco Preps Yet Another Gundam Game

At this point it’s well documented that certain video games based on the Gundam franchise tend to be crap. Essentially, no matter who is behind it, games based on Gundam tend to be the Japanese equivalent of gamers receiving a crappy Spider-Man or Superman game. Despite all the material being there and the premise of the property almost designing itself in the gameplay department, the Gundam video game offerings have been incredibly mixed.  Thankfully we’re at the point in which that could change thanks to developer From Software.

New Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Videos Showcase The Gameplay and Cutscenes

When it comes to pure Japanese RPG games that are worth playing this generation the offerings are somewhat slim compared to the heyday of the PS1 & PS2 generation. That’s not to say there aren’t good RPGs out there, but developers like Square Enix haven’t exactly been on mark as much as they could’ve and to an extent have stumbled in giving their fans what they desire.  However, there is something on the horizon which could give the RPG genre a much needed boost in the form of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

Ridge Racer: Unbounded Given Release Date (At Least We Still Have RR For Vita)

In lieu of Namco announcing a traditional Ridge Racer game for the PlayStation Vita some gamers out there may have forgotten about Ridge Racer: Unbounded.  The Western centric Ridge Racer spin-off/reboot being handled by Finnish developer Bugbear Entertainment is still in development and today Namco revealed when gamers can opt to drive down a user-created city and crash cars or merely stick to traditional drift racing via the PlayStation Vita.

Ezio Is Officially Revealed In Soul Calibur 5 [Video]

For once a rumor we see surface online has turned out to be wholly legit as famed assassin Ezio Auditore will indeed be messing fools up in Soul Calibur 5.  Leaked earlier this week via an image of the SC5 character select screen, Ezio will be the first major guest character for the latest Soul Calibur title and he could end up being the best to ever appear.

A Popular Assassin May Be Joining The Roster Of Soul Calibur 5

So far things are looking good for Soul Calibur 5 based on the small amounts of footage and details we’ve received so far.  Namco and Team Soul may not be drastically reinventing the Soul Calibur formula, but tweaking things a bit and even doing other things like downsizing the average chest size of a female character from a triple-D to a medium C cup hasn’t even left gamers mad.

Now You Can Create Your Very Own Saiyan Warrior Thanks To Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi

New episodes of Dragon Ball haven’t aired on TV in years and Dragon Ball: Evolution was a massive dud but for some reason we’re still receiving video games.  Coming to us next month will likely be the last Dragon Ball game so Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi has its work cut out for itself among the legions of DB fans who want to see a worth wild video game actually be released for once.

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