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Beyond: Two Souls

New Cast Member Announced For Beyond: Two Souls + Release Date

Since being unveiled at E3 last year details on Beyond: Two Souls have been rather scarce.  Sony has shown the new game from Quantic Dream here and there, but we’ve been missing on key announcements such as the remaining cast and when the game would finally grace us with its presence. Now Sony has announced a key actor set to appear in Beyond as well as when we can finally pop it into our PlayStation 3.

A Familiar Actor May Join The Cast Of Beyond: Two Souls

One of the few surprises and highlights from E3 this year came in the form of Beyond, the new game from Quantic Dream.  The next game from the team that gave us Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain, Beyond ultimately got a lot of buzz not only for the lineage of the development team but because it stars none other than actress Ellen Page.  

PlayStation E3 2012 Conference Recap

The point of any E3 conference is to impress those in attendance and those watching in the comfort of their own homes or in their dull grey office cubicles.  Going to E3 means that a company needs to put their best foot forward not only to impress the various subsets of gamers, but to also show their partners that they can bring the goods and maybe in some cases make their competitors feel utterly jealous.

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