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Capcom Is Opening A Resident Evil Themed Restaurant

In all their infinite wisdom Capcom has decided to do something special to promote one of their marquee titles. No, Capcom isn’t doing a nationwide bus tour of DmC to prove that the game isn’t garbage as they’re instead opening a boutique Resident Evil themed restaurant in Japan. Yup, those who reside in Japan can potentially eat an actual Jill sandwich for a potentially obscene price.

What Resident Evil 5 could've been

During game development things are bound to get cut. Whether it’s a weapon, a boss battle or perhaps an entire level there are always things that sadly don’t make it in the final game due to time or technical constrictions. Recently we’ve gotten a peak at what was originally in store for Resident Evil 5 as the Biohazard 5 Official Artworks book shows a vision of RE5 that almost seems like it was a different game due to the sheer awesomeness that the concept art promised.

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