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Born Ready

Strike Suit Zero Surfaces Again With A Kickstarter Campaign

Making games isn’t an easy or cheap thing to do and in some cases some help is required. Thankfully the phenomenon that is Kickstarter proved that gamers are interested in funding games they’re interested in and today yet another game has gone the Kickstarter route: Strike Suit Zero.

Epic Space Battles Return In Gaming Via Strike Suit Zero

This generation has been kind to gamers in some ways but it’s also been a cruel beast in some respects.  We’ve certainly had a blast playing games like Assassin’s Creed and so on, but when was the last time we’ve played a good space shooter, particular one that actually takes place in the space with epic ship vs. ship battles?   Starhawk offered us a small taste of such a thing but was far from giving us the Colony Wars or Wing Commander style experience gamers desired.

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