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Batman: Arkham City Euro Box Art Looks Good In Its Full Stoic Glory

Batman: Arkham City may be one of the most anticipated and promising video games to be released this year, but it also had some of the most disappointing box art designs to be seen from a triple-A game.  In fact as good as the videos for Batman: Arkham City may be the promotional materials for the game have been a bit underwhelming.

The Box Art For Resistance 3 Is Nothing But Pure Class

Box art is usually nothing to get excited about these days since most of the time what's offered is simply horrendous.  To fit the mantra of most games or what is assumed to be desired by gamers, publishers often give us box art with the obligatory hero striking a badass pose and/or blasting some enemies.  Either that or we see box art that follows the blue & orange color scheme that seems to be widespread in both the video game and movie biz.

L.A. Noire Is Looking Quite Nice With This Box Art Reveal

We all know that box art often plays a critical role in the success of a video game as some gamers are a bit vapid and will merely base their interest on a given title by how cool or unique the cover looks.  Even great games can be plagued by horrific box art and I think the North American version of Ico is a perfect example of that when compared to its stunning and somewhat abstract Japanese cover. Rockstar Games have never disappointed us when it comes to the box art for their games and once again they haven’t let us down with what they’ve prepared for L.A. Noire.

Dead Rising 2 box art and Limited Edition revealed

Earlier this week Capcom Europe teased that a big announcement would be made on this Thursday.  With Capcom being relatively low key at E3, some had assumed we would be graced with an announcement of a new game or perhaps a cool new addition to the PSN or XBLA. Well today is Thursday, at least in most parts of the world, and that means it’s time for the reveal. Unsurprisingly the announcement doesn’t involve a new IP or game as it’s all about the zombie killing action of Dead Rising 2.

Take a pixelated look at the box art of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

For a sequel some people may not give a damn about, Kane & Lynch 2 is shaping up rather nicely.  The game is still a ways off from its planned August 24th release but Square Enix has slowly been doling out some enticing media for it.

Yakuza 3's North American box art may make you want to commit Seppuku

It may not seem like that big of a deal but the box art for a game plays a very important role in whether or not a game is a success or a failure. There are some out there who will simply pass on a game if the box art isn’t appealing and I like to refer to those folks as silly geese.  But after looking at the North American box art for the upcoming Yakuza 3 I’m starting to get a bit worried about how the game will perform at retail.

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