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Burger King

Wii U Burger King Toys Revealed - Disappointment Incoming

Most video-game cross-over/tie-in promotions tend to result in utter disappointment and that is certainly true of Burger King’s promotion of the Wii U.  If you recall it was revealed, albeit in a stealth like fashion, that the home of the Whopper would receive a slew of toys connected to the Wii U.  

Wii U Toys Inbound From Burger King

The official public hype cycle of the Wii U amongst the mainstream public could begin shortly in a somewhat conventional but still unexpected way.  With a release date and prices now set, Nintendo will assuredly begin to roll out Wii U advertising through adverts that show how the console is fun for the whole family, or at least a perfect family as envisioned by a marketing firm.  Besides the regular media blitz that Nintendo will activate for the Wii U, some additional hype may originate from a fast food giant.

SPIKE Video Game Awards live blog (Updated with Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 trailer)

In less than five minutes the 2009 SPIKE Video Game Awards will begin and of course Shogun Gamer will be there to live blog it. And by live blog I mean I’ll be at home sitting with my girlfriend watching the show on my TV instead of sitting at the actual show sitting by Snoop Dogg or some C-list celebrity.

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