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Capcom Japan

EX Troopers May Not Receive Western Release

The sometimes tepid relationship gamers have with Capcom may only grow to be that more strenuous based on our latest update concerning EX Troopers. The PSN/3DS bound Lost Planet spin-off has received some admirable buzz in the last few months despite deviating from the established Lost Planet shoot-em-up formula in favor of a more RPG action/adventure experience.  

New Resident Evil 6 Footage Shows New Leon Section + First PS3 Footage

Having already made a splash at E3 with a bevy of new footage, Capcom has decided to show even more of Resident Evil 6 but this time the biggie is that we have our first glimpse of the game running on the PS3.  We may be six years into the lifecycle of the PS3, but for one reason or another it’s still a big deal to see footage of a multiplatform game running on the PS3 since framerate issues, poor textures, or other unforeseen errors can still occur which rub gamers the wrong kind of way.

Latest Resident Evil 6 Details Shed Some Light On The Game

Capcom is taking a rather aggressive approach to hyping up Resident Evil 6 and generally spreading the word about the game. It may have only been last month in which we received the premier trailer for the sixth entry in the RE series, but we don’t need to wait for GDC or Captivate to learn more details as Capcom has shed some more light on the bio-terror action presented in Resident Evil 6.

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