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Nintendo Switch [Console Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Nintendo has perfectly captured the emotion of their launch video into a home console. The Nintendo Switch is rife with tradition of the company and takes lessons from their hardware from the NES straight through to the Wii U. More than that, they've made a bold statement about a return to social/couch co-op gaming that we can get behind!

The Pros: 

+Fun to change between modes
+Satisfying and well thought-out transitions
+Real weight and quality in the individual components

The Cons: 

-Weak launch line-up
-Everything is overpriced (games, accessories)
-Launch issues with scratched screens and de-syncing JoyCon Rating : 

Nintendo has a history of making bold choices where hardware is concerned. Sometimes their wild attempts to deviate from the norm have produced unparalleled success, as in the case of the launch of the Wii. In other instances, their attempts to push hardware in new directions has caused a comical failure that echoes through time, like the still hilarious attempt at VR in the ‘90s with the Virtual Boy.

TL;DR - Feb 28 - SF Monopoly, White X360, Lionhead Teaser

Alright late-night Shogun fans! Time for another edition of TL;DR, recapping some of the days stories that either fell through the cracks, or were just too small to warrant their own individual pieces. Today I shine the spotlight on the new Xbox Special Edition announcement, Street Fighter getting its only Monopoly board game, and Lionhead’s teaser/countdown site which looks like it will end during GDC…


Xbox to release their next console in 2010?

My, my how time flies. Take a look at your calendar; it’s coming up on the 5 year mark for the Wii/Xbox 360. Long time gamers know what that means; it’s generally the point in a console’s life cycle where we need to start looking at the potential of new hardware. It’s starting to look like Microsoft and Nintendo are headed that route.

Big Smile Reviews: Playstation 3 Console Review

There are some truly special events in our time. The fall of the Berlin wall, the first man on the moon and Diifii getting a Playstation 3.

That's right, Shogun Gamer is proud to announce that Diifii now owns every current gen console. So sit back and watch him walk you through his thoughts on Sony's power house console. Be sure to let him know in the comments what you think of the PS3 and what PS3 games you think he should check out!

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