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DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Launch Trailer

A little later on today we'll be posting up our full review of DmC (Devil May Cry): Definitive Edition, but in the meantime I figured "what the hell" we'll also show off the launch trailer for the "next gen" remaster. Mostly, this is for two reasons 1) I love me a well done launch trailer, and 2) I love me some Devil May Cry.

Capcom Announces DmC DLC Starring Vergil

Good old Capcom has gone and done gamers a solid but at the same time have also committed one of those moves which may make us raise an eyebrow or two. After revealing that Vergil, Dante’s twin brother, would be in Devil May Cry gamers of course wondered if the classic character would be playable, either in a co-op centric mission or in a separate mode within the game. Well, I have good news and bad news: Vergil is indeed playable in DmC but it’s via post-release DLC.

DmC Demo Set For November Release

Judgment time may be near for Capcom’s reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise since gamers will be able to get a small taste of it prior to its January 2013 release.  After making public showings at events such as PAX Prime and the New York Comic Con, the new-age DmC will receive a rare pre-release demo next month.

More Action and Drama Is Shown In This New DmC Trailer

DmC has made yet another public showing, and as what we’ve seen in recent months the game continues to make a positive impression.  Things certainly started out rough for the re-envisioned world of Dante, but Ninja Theory has been on a roll as of late and that certainly rings true of the new TGS 2012 trailer.  

Devil May Cry Hands-on [PAX Prime]

I’ve been a fan of the Devil May Cry series since the first scene of the first game. I’ve long held that there’s room for ridiculousness in video games, and Devil May Cry has never tried to justify the madness its gameplay and, especially, cut-scenes provide. However, with the announcement of a reboot of the franchise from action-title masters Team Ninja, the fanbase have been rather vocal about their dislike of changes to the iconic franchise as well as its lead character Dante.

Vergil Officially Returns For DmC [Video]

Ninja Theory may finally be building up some goodwill amongst the Devil May Cry fanbase as the studio has finally revealed their take on Vergil, Dante’s twin brother.  An iconic badass in the Devil May Cry franchise, Vergil was a character that was long rumored to be in Ninja Theory’s reimagining of DmC and now we have the complete goods on him thanks to this new Gamescom 2012 trailer.

Latest DmC Video Shows Off New Stage and Boss Battle

For the past year and a half feelings on the Devil May Cry reboot have basically reached every range on the spectrum. There have been those who have written long rant filled manifestos about the project while others have remained as calm as they could until evidence was provided that showed the game was in good hands.  I certainly won’t hide behind my laptop and say that I’ve been a cheerleader of sorts of Ninja Theory’s retelling of Devil May Cry, but after seeing the game at E3 this year I did walk away impressed and a little bit less pessimistic than I was before.

Dubstep Ravers Rejoice - The Soundtrack Of DmC Is Revealed

The overall direction of DmC may still seem like a wildcard to a lot of people, but ever so slowly both Ninja Theory and Capcom have actually been showing elements which indicate that the DMC we know and love is still underneath the new Ninja Theory coat of paint.  Certain elements of the classic DMC may be out of action in DmC, but the combat was still engaging based on what I played and saw at E3 earlier this month and visually the game is approaching a level that only some games dream of reaching.

DmC Hands-On + Preview [E3 2012]

Sometimes I can be brutally blunt about my particular stance on a game no matter what sort of article I’m writing. There’s supposed to be an impartial way to writing news and a somewhat unsaid rule of not being too brutal when it comes to previews otherwise one will feel the wrath of PR and even the developers (see the great Denis Dyack incident of E2 2008 as an example). In the past I’ve been honest about my feelings for DmC, the Devil May Cry reboot that in some ways seems unnecessary or ill-conceived compared to the brilliance of the past entries.  

New Devil May Cry Screens Show Intense Visual Flair

As a gamer there are certain things I’m open to seeing in the video games I play.  If a developer opts to take a chance with a game or provide us with an experience that is slightly out of the norm or unorthodox to a degree I’m all for it if the end result is good.  With that said, taking an already established franchise and rebooting it for no apparent reason is a pill that’s hard to swallow no matter what PR talk or reasoning is given. 

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