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EA Vancouver

Online Snowboarding Never Seemed As Cool As It Does In SSX [Video]

I know most people haven’t exactly pushed it to the back of their minds, but at the end of February we’re getting a new SSX game. After waiting and waiting for what seemed to be like forever, EA has finally given us a SSX game for the HD consoles that looks like it could reach the same addicting levels of fun that many of us had while playing the old-school SSX games. Over the past few months EA has shown a decent amount of footage for SSX, some of which has been documented on Shogun Gamer, and now we have a new SSX video feature detailing the social elements of the game.

SSX Gets A Slight Delay and a Glorious New Trailer

I have some good news and some bad news concerning EA’s forthcoming SSX reboot. The bad news is that the game has once again been delayed ever so slightly by a few weeks and will instead drop in late February.  The good news however is that EA and the SSX dev team has released a simply stunning new gameplay video that shows us once and for all that the new SSX is definitely bringing the goods.

SSX Is Definitely Back In Form With This New Video

After being extremely worried that something we’ve diligently waited for was going to be a mess, the new SSX game looks about as sexy as a video game can get.  Ever since E3 rolled around this year the team at EA Vancouver have proved that they’re taking the right steps in making a modern SSX game with a few new bells and whistles thrown in for good measure.

FIFA Street Is Making Another Comeback

We heard that it was going to happen earlier this year, but Electronic Arts have officially confirmed that the FIFA Street franchise is making a return.  Ditching the stylized look and arcade action found in the last iteration of the series, EA’s FIFA Street reboot will strive to offer the most authentic representation of street soccer while still being fun to play.

SSX Gets Another Veteran Rider With The Arrival Of Eddie

Since EA basically redesigned their vision for the SSX reboot gamers are thankfully getting the SSX game they want – or at least the characters they want. Joining already announced characters such as Mac, Elise, Kaori and Moby is none other than Mr. Afro Thunder himself – Eddie Wachowski.  An SSX veteran since the days of SSX: Tricky, Eddie in a way perfectly summed up what SSX was all about: being yourself and having a fun ass time hitting the slopes.

EA Announces Their New Game Mechanics For NHL 12

EA’s NHL franchise is at the top of the standings when it comes to console hockey. In NHL 12 you can expect to see a few familiar and new game mechanics.

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