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Gears of War 3 release date leaked by Microsoft. Yup, someone is getting fired

It has been rumored for awhile but now its official thanks to a screw up at Microsoft. The battle between the remnants of man and the Locust hordes in Gears of War will conclude next April as that’s when the third and most likely final installment of the series will be released.

New images of Marcus & Dom in Lost Planet 2

Last month out of nowhere it was announced that Lost Planet 2 would feature the hardcore and extremely stoic dudebros that are Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago from the Gears of War series as guest characters. Obviously when you combine two massive franchises like Lost Planet and Gears of War the results are going to be good, even if it’s almost a cameo appearance of sorts.

The worlds of Lost Planet and Gears of War collide

Besides the somewhat unexciting announcement that Monster Hunter Online would be appearing on Xbox 360 the Capcom-Microsoft conference did have one interesting and somewhat surprising announcement.  We’re used to seeing interesting guest appearances in games before such as Kratos and Link appearing in different installments of the Soul Calibur franchise but I think no one ever expected to see Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago (the Gears of War dudebros) appear in the snowy world of Lost Planet and proceed to take down a massive Akrid.

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