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New Evangelion Game Is Being Developed By....

Just like its fellow mech based counterpart Gundam, the Evangelion franchise has received a lot of video games – most of which tend to be garbage.  Despite being in the hands of Japanese developers who probably have an astute understanding of the anime or are full blown fans, it just seems to be difficult to create a video game involving mechs that is fun.  Not a lot of Evangelion games have been released in Japan over the years compared to Gundam (Gundam is the Japanese equivalent of Star Wars in terms of popularity) but a new Evangelion game is being released later this year and

S#!T You Want - Figures and collectibles Special edition, Now with KUNG-FU Grip!!!

Welcome to the 10 Week of Cool S#!T You Want. This week we took a look at the overwhelming catalog of collectible figures and picked out some of our favorites. Be sure to comment and as always if you have something you’d like us to review or post. Enjoy, and submit your S#!T You Want requests on our contact page.

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