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Final Fantasy XIII

2014 Game Retrospective - Part 3

Last week, under the shroud of a Skype call, Shogun Gamer staff began the process of narrowing down the best games of 2014. Thankfully due to an abundance of re-masters this past year, we were able to move through our deliberations with relative easy and speed. 

Next week we'll unveil the full list and its winners, along with an accompanying podcast so you can hear for yourself how each call was made. For now, let's keep running down some of the big moments (possitive and negative) of 2014, shall we?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 teaser trailer released

The Final Fantasy series is a franchise that is very near and dear to my heart. I remember when I was a kid putting FF7 into my PlayStation and thinking, "the graphics will never get better than this!" Then FF10 came out and the long exaggerated story was worth the fantastic ending of a boy finally realizing the sacrifices a man most make. It was a story of loss of innocence and it was badass! Then FF11 came onto the PS2 and for the first time I finally made the level cap on a MMO.

[Review] Final Fantasy XIII

Overall Feeling: 

Claimed by Square-Enix to be the evolution of gaming, Final Fantasy XIII is far in a way different to its predecessors. However with many of the changes working against the game rather than for it, it feels like two steps forward and one step back. There’s still clear progression and combined with a plot that as epic in scale as the series demands, Final Fantasy XIII has plenty to offer but series veterans may dislike this stage of the evolution cycle.

The Pros: 

Stunning visuals. Hectic and entertaining battle system. Paradigm system works well and offers greater flexibility than using pre-set roles.

The Cons: 

Linear level design as well as lack of side quests. Lack of Gambit system can be frustrating. Easier than previous games in the series. Rating : 

Few games can boast as big a brand as Final Fantasy. With countless releases and re-release across a wealth of formats, Square-Enix's RPG series is one the biggest, and is regarded by a legion of fans as the best. Final Fantasy XIII represents the series' first outing in HD, as well as its first appearance on a Microsoft console. It's clear that rather than simply improve on its predecessor, Square-Enix opted to give the game a major overhaul. Unfortunately, in spite of all the improvements, Final Fantasy XIII feels like it takes one step backwards for every two steps forward.

Big Smile Reviews - Final Fantasy XIII UK Signing Event Coverage

Diifii bring us more exclusive UK coverage of the awesome Final Fantasy XIII signing event! He got a chance to talk to the fans check out some cosplay and meet the people at the front of the line. They waited for 18 hours in the currently VERY cold London weather to get their copies of Final Fantasy XIII signed. Check out the footage below!

These Final Fantasy XIII items may make PlayStation Home relevant for some

It doesn’t seem like it but this week after waiting for four years and after the infamous betrayalaton at E3 2008, Final Fantasy XIII is finally out in Japan.  While only those who understand Japanese will be able to enjoy the game North American and European gamers can get even more envious than they are right now after they check out these FFXIII items for PlayStation Home.

Final Fantasy XIII set for a March 2010 release

If you’re one of the many who have been waiting roughly 4 years for Final Fantasy XIII to be released you won’t have to wait much longer as today Square Enix announced the game will be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 9th in both North America and Europe.

Having the game released in NA and EU only 3 months after the Japanese release in December is pretty good as most had assumed the game would perhaps be released in the summer or if things were dire maybe in the holiday season.

Final Fantasy XIII shows off its amazing visuals in these new images and videos

It wouldn’t be TGS without an appearance by a Final Fantasy game and this year its Final Fantasy overload as FFXIII is on full display to hype up its December release in Japan.

So far there’s not a lot to learn from the new playable demo and accompanying videos and images other than FFXIII looks amazing and the Summons are awesome.  I’m sure we may learn a few new details in the upcoming days once more demo impressions come in.

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