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Backbreaker Is Coming Back In A New Spin-Off

I’m not a huge fan of American football despite being born and bred in America (Chicago to be exact). Sure I’m a fan of the Chicago Bears (they’ve been decent but that NFC Championship game against Green Bay was a disgrace) but I’ve always been more fond of other sports like soccer and rugby – thus I’m not a hardcore player of football video games.  I can dig what Madden does but for some reason it was never the game for me despite the dozens of features and sometimes on the money gameplay it offers.

Backbreaker [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Backbreaker may not be a perfect football game but it isn’t far from becoming one. While it may not have the finesse of EA’s Madden, Backbreaker is still an enjoyable game that tries its best at offering a simulation based football experience.

The Pros: 

Nice control scheme that is relatively easy to get into. Most of the animations are nice and have that natural feel thanks to using the Euphoria tech. The custom team, jersey, and logo options are really deep and will hook those who wish to recreate their favorite team in the game. It may not push out an incredible amount of detail but the game does look nice visually even if some aspects are missing character to them.

The Cons: 

The presentation could use a bit of work. At times it seems like the A.I. can intercept the ball too often. It would’ve been nice if the player models were more varied as there aren’t any 330 pound behemoths on the field. The playbooks aren’t necessarily deep. POD’s “Here Comes the Boom” needs to go away. Rating : 

One of the most popular sports in the world is football. And by football I mean the football that’s popular in North America where players throw around a ball and try their best to tackle one another without causing life changing injuries.  Football is a major part of the American culture and surprisingly its video game counterpart has also been a huge staple as well. For the past fifteen years Electronic Arts’ Madden franchise has been the top football game amongst gamers and the mainstream press.

New Backbreaker video shows off the user customization tools

When it comes to sports I’m more of a fan of European football compared to American football.  The same goes with my sports video games as well.  But what the development team at Natural Motion is cooking up with their football game Backbreaker has caught my interest. With things like the Euphoria animation system, a unique 3rd person camera and an aesthetic different from Madden, Backbreaker is shaping up to be a football game that could make a stable base for itself in this Madden filled world.

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