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Ghost Recon

Ubisoft Reveals Which Franchises Are Poised For Film Adaptations

After publicly revealing who was heading up their newly formed film division, Ubisoft has commented on which of their many properties they’re planning to make into potential films. Much to everyone’s dismay, Ubisoft sadly isn’t planning on doing a film adaptation of Imagine: Babyz but instead are in the planning stages of conceiving film adaptations of three major Ubisoft franchises that core gamers love.

Ghost Recon readies a new mission exclusively for the Wii

After infiltrating the PS3 and Xbox 360, the tactical action of the Ghost Recon series is finally hitting the Nintendo Wii.  Well, Ghost Recon is indeed coming to the Wii but it isn’t entirely of the tactical variety. In fact, don’t go into Ghost Recon Wii expecting a tactical shooter akin to its HD brethren as the Wii version is balls to the wall action.

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier : Future War : The Movie

Ubisoft has always had a knack for roping me into their Ghost Recon franchise. I’ve purchased the other games because they always look so good. Graphically they are amazing titles, and the trailer always makes me think that it is a series I should really care about. Unfortunately I’ve always found that about 2 hours in I will lose interest in the play-style and give up on the game. I suppose the play-style just isn’t for everybody, though they wind up getting my money each time anyways.

[Trailer Update] New Ghost Recon one-ups Modern Warfare with "Future Soldier"

Earlier in the week Ubisoft started teasing that they would have some “big news” to drop on us. Today we finally got to find out exactly what was up their sleeve. It looks as though they are making a return to the Ghost Recon franchise, and based solely on the title, pushing things even farther into the future.

The next Ghost Recon game may either be a Predator or a Future Soldier

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen or heard anything from Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon franchise. Back in April Ubisoft announced Ghost Recon 4 but since then just like the soldiers in the game news on the project has been in stealth mode. 

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