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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Ghost Recon Future Soldier takes the core concepts of the Clancy franchise of games, and in particular Advanced Warfighter, then speeds everything up. The political intrigue and complex plot-lines involving world powers playing covert games behind the scenes are still there, with a much more fluid and quick-feeling gameplay. Fans of Tom Clancy will appreciate the themes of the game, while gamers in general will appreciate how fluid everything feels now.

The Pros: 

+The speed of the gameplay has been greatly improved and feels more fluid.

+The toys offered by the game, flying drones, magnetic vision, EMP grenades, etc. are a lot of fun.

+Gun Smith mode should be the new benchmark in video game weapon customization.

The Cons: 

-The multiplayer is extremely niche, requiring a specific kind of gamer-mentality to be enjoyed.

-Kinect features feel a little tacked on and still have that ‘novelty’ feel.

-The story has a tendency to be lost in the game’s more fast-paced/action oriented style. Rating : 

I think my love of shooters in general is pretty well known by this point. Generally speaking if there’s an action/shooter than needs to get the ‘professional opinion’ on Shogun Gamer, it’s something that’s slid across my desk. What a lot of people probably don’t know though is that I’m an even bigger fan of the sub-genre of ‘tactical shooter’. I’ve been following along with game series like Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon since their inception. Rainbow Six still has my favorite moments in gaming, of all time.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Limited Edition Unboxing Video & Contest

Released in late May, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is the latest title in the Tom Clancy series. While we did receive a review unit from the publisher for this game, we recently had a Limited Edition PS3 version show up on our doorstep. So, we're giving it away!

TL;DR - Feb 24 - ME3 in a Tree, Sonic 4, and MK Komplete

First of all, a very happy Friday to everyone! This week felt like a long one, but we made it! Today’s TL;DR features a whole plethora of new gaming trailers. But before we get to that, the news today focuses on Sonic 4: Episode 2’s co-op, Mass Effect 3’s early copies getting stuck up a tree, and Mortal Kombat receiving a Capcom-esque ‘Komplete’ edition.

Microsoft E3 2011 Conference Wrap-Up

Microsoft was the first to step on the stage for E3 today and as expected the Microsoft Kinect played an important role in their conference.  After being on display for the first time last year, Microsoft really didn’t set the world on fire with their projects and once the Kinect launch rolled around things weren’t too exciting either outside of Kinect Sports and Dance Central.  With Microsoft leveraging so much on the Kinect, it’s somewhat odd that once again the company really didn’t deliver this year on their promise to give core gamers compelling software.

Get early access to the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta via Splinter Cell: Conviction

In a move that’s pure synergy brilliance, Ubisoft is packing in a Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta with Splinter Cell: Conviction.  As per GameStop’s listing for SC: Conviction, the beta looks to be available for those who reserve Conviction. So if you were planning to go to your local Best Buy to purchase the game you may want to head over to GameStop.

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