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Best of PAX Prime 2012

First of all, before the merriment of an award ceremony (in text format) I want to offer a quick apology for our readership. This year’s PAX Prime information will be coming to you a day (or rather a couple of days late) due to an unhealthy amount of poor planning on our part, in conjunction with some rather unfortunate circumstances…

Live-Action Hawken Web Series Gets A Gritty Premier Trailer

Remember the news that Hawken would be receiving a web-series that would be produces and distributed by Warner Premiere? Well it seems that the Hawken web series was an actual thing before it was announced and now we have the first trailer for the project. I’m honestly still trying to wrap my head around how a new IP can receive a modestly budget web series right out of the gate, but I’ll admit that seeing massive mechs do battle in a ravaged Earth does look entertaining.

Hawken Gets A Web Series Thanks To Warner Premiere

Perhaps setting a new precedent in the video game industry, Warner Premiere have announced that they’ve secured the rights to do a web series based on Hawken.  After gathering up buzz when it was revealed nearly a year and a half ago, the mech based action of Hawken has already gone on to receive a comic book series via Archaia, a loosely tie-in arcade pad, and now it’s receiving a top line web series via the same studio that gave us Mortal Kombat: Legacy. So is Hawken truly the next great thing or is it merely set up for mass amounts of trans-media disappointment?

TL;DR - Feb 27 - Hawken, I Am Alive, PSN Gamers' Choice

Today in TL;DR I’m going to hit up a couple more stories that happened to catch my eye throughout the day. First up: Hawken has managed to get 10 million dollars for their multiplayer mech game. Second, the team behind I Am Alive provides a video diary showing a bit about how every decision you make matters. Finally, the PSN Gamers’ Choice Award Nominations are out!

Hawken (Awesome Mech Game) Possibly To Go The Free-To-Play Route

Many months ago a game surfaced that left us collectively wowed. These days it’s not often that gamers are completely excited, more so when the game in question is a PC based mech game. Circa the mid-1990s mech games were the rage and justifiably so, but these days the genre has sadly taken a nose dive thanks to poor license titles (Gundam), and no one really taking any kind of creative risks.

New Trailer For The Mech Game Hawken Is Once Again Highly Impressive

These days it’s hard to be impressed with a mech game, unless it has a 100+ button controller, but when the premier trailer for Hawken was released people immediately took note of the project.  Most of the time the mech games we see today are of the Gundam variety and sadly despite the source material those games tend to be crap.

Hawken Could Be The Game To Revitalize The Mech Genre

The mech genre isn’t exactly what it used to be.  Back in early days of 3D gaming there was almost an abundance of mech games but these days we only have a select few that pop up, most of which are licensed games that aren’t of the best quality.  Even MechWarrior, which seemed like a sure thing, has since fallen by the waste side due to some legal issues.  So what options do gamers have to get their mech fix?  It may be from an unlikely source, but I think if you’re a lover of mech based action you should kee

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