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First Screens Of The Kickstarter Funded Tactical FPS Takedown

2012 started off with a surprising bang in a sense due to the arrival of Kickstarter.  The crowd funding service may have been around for a while and even funded a few cool indie projects prior to 2012, but earlier this year was when Kickstarter arrived in a bigger fashion thanks to the campaign Double Fine launched. Since then we’ve seen a few indie companies try to fund their projects via Kickstarter, some with major success while others hit a wall and sadly don’t receive their funding.

Epic Space Battles Return In Gaming Via Strike Suit Zero

This generation has been kind to gamers in some ways but it’s also been a cruel beast in some respects.  We’ve certainly had a blast playing games like Assassin’s Creed and so on, but when was the last time we’ve played a good space shooter, particular one that actually takes place in the space with epic ship vs. ship battles?   Starhawk offered us a small taste of such a thing but was far from giving us the Colony Wars or Wing Commander style experience gamers desired.

The Sci-Fi F2P Game Warframe Returns With A New Gameplay Teaser [Video]

Announcing a game can always be a tricky thing since a publisher/developer may not want to completely show their hand.  Sometimes it’s best to leave something up to the imagination of the audience to turn on the chatterboxes and get people hyped. The reveal of Warframe from developer Digital Extremes ended up having a lot of people talk about it despite only releasing a simple teaser video to the masses.  

Super Retro Squad Is An Ode To Retro Gaming

It's not too often that we see a developer perfectly capture the essence of retro gaming but Super Retro Squad looks to be one of the few exceptions.  Super Retro Squad is an indie based effort from the same chap who created Super Mario Bros. Crossover, which as you may recall was a Nintendo mash-up of complete retro goodness. With Super Retro Squad there’s still an apparent retro feeling but this time out it’s a wholly original project that seeks to entice gamers yearning for bygone era of sprite based action.

Papo & Yo Preview [E3 2012]

Seeing a game continuously at certain tradeshow events can both be good and bad for a few key reasons.  Whenever I get a chance to see a game months if not a year ahead of its ultimate release I of course feel fortunate since I’m witnessing something not a lot of people get a peek at. But at the same time seeing an early/advanced preview of a game can be disappointing if the same problems are present or even worse if the same demo build is at multiple events, thus igniting a feeling that progress isn’t being made or the involved parties are being overly cautious.  

New Papo & Yo Video Takes A Look Behind The Artistic Direction

If there’s one game I’m overly excited about and will openly preach to the choir it has to be Papo & Yo.  Coming out exclusively for the PlayStation Network, Papo & Yo is one of those rare games which is unique but isn’t too artsy to the point where it’s flat out annoying or has gameplay that is wafer thin in the depth it offers.  With a unique style that melds realism with a fantasy world imagined by children, Papo & Yo is also one of those rare games that is providing a rather heavy narrative with a gameplay experience we can all enjoy.

Republique Enlists The Services Of Two Veteran Voice Actors


As if an already cool game could get even cooler, some key voice talent has been announced for the recently revealed stealth action game Republique.  Originally set to appear on the iOS but now destined for the PC and Mac as well, Republique is trying to tackle some rather mature and serious themes in its narrative and now it’ll have two veteran and fan favorite voice actors portraying central characters in its plot of oppressed people trying to overthrow a totalitarian government.

The Dino Action Of Primal Carnage Is Finally Going To Be Released

If you’re aching for some dinosaur based video game action then you may be in luck as one project featuring the prehistoric beasts is nearly set for release. No, we’re still out of luck as a new Dino Crisis game hasn’t been announced by Capcom nor has a proper Jurassic Park game been announced.  Instead the long awaited indie project Primal Carnage is finally locked for a 2012 release.

Wing Commander Returns In An Impressive Fan Made Game

Longtime gamers may know that these days the space combat genre i.e. flying ships in space and blowing stuff up is virtually dead.  Here and there we may receive a decent offering that thankfully isn’t a twin-stick shooter but it’s nowhere near as active as the good old days in which X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter and Wing Commander reigned supreme.  The decline in the space combat genre is a bit of an odd thing to look at since one would think intense space battles would be a draw to gamers but alas that wasn’t the case and franchises like Wing Commander seemingly died off.

Papo & Yo Hands-On [GDC 2012]

As a gamer I want to see video games take me to new worlds with entirely new experiences, characters, and gameplay elements. Sometimes such a thing does occur and I’m blown away but more often than not we receive the same old stuff, whether it’s in the FPS or 3rd person action genres.

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