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Papo & Yo Returns With A Slightly Different Look

Last year I saw a great many games at E3 but one that impressed me a lot was Papo & Yo, a PSN exclusive indie game from developer Minority.  Announced before E3 kicked off, Papo & Yo immediately had my interest since it looked unique visually and the plot of the game served as an allegory of sorts for a child dealing with an abusing parent, represented in the game through the sometimes friendly but sometimes vicious Monster.

Deep Black Developer Interview

One thing that I find cool about the video game industry is that we can nearly see anything brought to life.  Outside of budget boundaries there’s not much holding back developers from seeing their dreams or vision come true whether it’s grounded in a sense of reality or is some flight of fancy that is entirely cartoony.  Developers may still be beholden to publishing partners or what the industry climate is when it comes to developing a game, but sometimes a studio will simply go for what their passion project is and see it through to the end.

Good News Finally Arrives For Retro City Rampage

Today brings us some good news concerning an indie game that has often been talked about but seemingly felt like it may never see the light of day.  The game in question is the love letter to retro gaming that is Retro City Rampage, an open-world action game that basically goes wild in the retro department in such a way that we’ve never seen before.  After been revealed to the public with loads of adulation and praise, the hype was high for Retro City Rampage but the game suffered from one issue: it nearly rivaled Fez in the constantly delayed department.

A Small Tease Of What's To Come From Camouflaj

Those of you out there that like to keep track of potentially cool indie projects developed by start-up studios may be glad to hear we have a minor update from Camouflaj.  The Seattle based studio founded by former Kojima Productions and 343 Industries staffer Ryan Payton may still be relatively young, it was formed last September, but things are already well underway on the development side of things.

MirrorMoon - A New Indie Game Worth Checking Out

Those of you that have been with Shogun Gamer for a while know that we tend to like cool indie games.  Now you could say that the indie game label/genre is pretty vague or wide reaching since games like Minecraft were essentially indie until we were able to buy a foam ax from online retailers.  But when it comes to the flavor of indie games that myself and the Shogun Gamer staff dig the most it’s usually the indie games that you hardly ever hear about unless you follow certain underground circles.

The FPS Action Of Nexuiz Returns In This Thrilling Trailer

I may be one of a small minority that cares about this video game, but finally a new trailer and vague but reassuring release date has been doled out for Nexuiz. The arena-based FPS developed by indie studio IllFonic, Nexuiz is as old-school as a FPS game could get these days but it still looks to have a tremendous amount of style as well as some nice buttery beats thanks to the connections of IllFonic Co-Founder and R&B legend Raphael Saadiq.

Capybara Reveals The Time Travelling Action Of Super T.I.M.E Force

There’s a very thin line when it comes to modern games aiming for a retro vibe or appearance. These days everything old is new again and that even means modern gamers are into games that have pixel characters instead of a hyper detailed 32K+ poly character model.  Most of the time the retro centric games we receive are admirable efforts and not many are truly great. However, Toronto based developer Capybara Games have announced their new project that delves deep in the retro vaults to provide a lot of time-travelling badassery.

SpeedRunner HD [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

SpeedRunner HD does a lot of the same things other indie platformers do.  However with its fantastic competitive multiplayer, this one stands out a touch further than the rest, and at 240 Microsoft Points, if you have a friend, it is well worth it.

The Pros: 

+Easy controls to get you right into the game

+Multiplayer is an absolute blast!

+Decent price point for amount of fun

The Cons: 

-You can beat the single player in less than one hour

-Never changes enough to feel like you are going anywhere

-If you don't have any friends, there is hardly any replay value. Rating : 

DoubleDutch Games bring us SpeedRunner HD: a fast-paced, superhero, 2D-platformer, which relies on elements of parkour to get you from start to finish.

As this SpeedRunner, you will find yourself zipping through levels against the clock to stop the evil Mad Bomber and foil his mad bombing plots.  To do this you will have quite a few tricks up your oh-so-fast sleeves, such as: grappling hooks, speed boosts, a handy slide move, and of course a good ol' fashion double jump.

TIC: Part 1 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Ultimately, I would hardly recommend this game. The message, while earnest, graced my TV with all the subtlety of a kick to the butt. However, if you're some sort of giant genius squirrel and have a thing about collecting different coloured acorns, then maybe this is right up your alley.

The Pros: 

+Kind of cute

+Music is good if a little repetitive

+Good groundwork for a concept

The Cons: 


-Preachy intro

-Graphics so-so

-Concept could use a lot of expansion

-Not very challenging

-VERY repetitive Rating : 

TIC Part 1, the winner of 2nd Place in Dream.Build.Play 2011, is a quick indie game that had a good foundation but found itself falling short. While I have no real problem with games with environmental messages (such as Flower), I felt like the introduction to the game sort of slapped it right on there by outright telling you the villains were "Capitalist robots" known as EvilCorp, whose vendetta against you involves drilling your world for its natural resources. 

Oozi: Earth Adventure Episode 1

Overall Feeling: 

Oozi is a very classic 2D platformer, and outside of the first two levels which are rather boring, it can be a very enjoyable game to pick up.

The Pros: 

+Cute, and bright colors help bring the earlier levels to life

+Sounds are rather satisfying

+Great as a pick up and play title

The Cons: 

-After the first few levels it fails to go anywhere new

-Scenery gets repetitive early on

-Nothing unique to make you seek out this 2D platformer

-Soundtrack does not fit the later levels at all Rating : 

As an indie game developer it's tough breaking in to any genre of game; let alone one that is arguably the most beloved and perfected genre to date: the 2D platformer. That's not to say that this title, Oozi Earth Adventure Ep. 1, does anything wrong. In fact it achieves everything it went for rather well, and it is in no way broken. However, in this day and age if you fail to strive for anything new, or take risks, your title will fall short and be swallowed up by the hundreds of other similar titles; such is the case here.

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