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Canadian Indie Showcase - Day One: Garry's Incident

Wild Game Studio's Day One: Garry's Incident is perhaps one of the most interesting independent projects being developed in Canada right now. This upcoming episodic, open-world first person shooter drops players on a remote island that demands players adapt or perish. 

Grasshopper Manufacture Reveals Their Student Created Projects

A few months ago Grasshopper Manufacture announced a new initiative that would not only give budding game developers a chance to test their skills, but also create the opportunity for some cool indie games to be released on the PSN.  The Grasshopper backed Game Campus Festa program consisted of the famed studio supplying game development schools in Japan with PlayStation Vita dev kits with the purpose being to get the creative juices flowing in completely original projects.

Serious Sam Indie Collection Announced!

So let's be honest with ourselves here, the latest Serious Sam games have been a slight disappointment, or at least for me.  It seemed like they took a game that was truly for hardcore gamers only, and tuned it down to a casual shooter game that everyone could enjoy. Sadly everyone did not enjoy it. But there is still hope for the old gaming icon Serious Sam! Croteam, the team in charge of everything SS related, is now passing the torch down to the indie guys.

GDC 2011: Halcyon

The Indie game booth is one of the largest ones at GDC this year and there are a few games being shown that really stand out. For me, one of the stand-out games was Halcyon, a puzzle game for the iPad. Mobile gaming is not my usual preference, but seeing this game really made me want to play it and I'm really glad that I did.

PAX East Selects the Boston Indie Showcase Winners!

The PAX Conventions have always been known for giving indie game developers the chance to show off their games at their famed conventions. The Boston Indie Showcase is now exception to this and the winners have been chosen to show off their games at the upcoming PAX East in three weeks.

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