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Jaime Foxx

Kane & Lynch movie postponed for an important reason

The Kane & Lynch video game franchise may not be an epic hit like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider or Dead Space, but that isn’t preventing Hollywood from turning it into a movie.  Last we heard about the film exploits of Kane & Lynch, acclaimed actors Bruce Willis and Jaime Foxx were set to star in the film.  Willis was set to portray the former mercenary Kane while in a surprise casting choice Jaime Foxx was set to don the bifocals of the mentally ill Lynch.  The stars were set but the key position of who would be directing the movie remained untapped and that’s still the

An update on the Kane & Lynch movie

So far the Kane & Lynch film, yes there is one planned, has the actors playing the titular characters locked in.  Movie veteran Bruce Willis will be playing Kane while Jaime Foxx is surprisingly playing Lynch, which if you’re familiar with the game is a huge departure for the character.  

A casting update on the Kane & Lynch movie (you really need to read this)

At this point I think we can just drop all hope that films based on video games will be good. Hollywood now has its bulls eye of creative bankruptcy on Kane & Lynch, which itself could work well as a film.  For a long time actor Bruce Willis has been rumored/attached to play Kane while names like Mickey Rourke and Billy Bob Thornton have popped up for Lynch.

Law Abiding Citizen - a new take on the revenge genre

At this point the revenge genre in movies is getting quite stale. While starting out fresh in the early 70s with Charles Bronson’s “Death Wish” the concept of “family man turned vigilante” has gotten quite comical and predictable.  Even Jodie Foster’s take at the genre in Neil Jordan’s “The Brave One” really didn’t give us anything we haven’t seen before except the lead being a heroine, and even that was pretty standard.

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