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Joe Danger 2: The Movie

Joe Danger 2: The Movie Is Finally Set To Arrive On The PSN

It may not occur as often as it once did, but gamers were a little hurt more or less upon hearing that Joe Danger 2 would be arriving first on the Xbox 360.  Seeing a game appear on XBLA first may be standard practice with certain 3rd party games, though what punctured our hearts more was how it appeared that Microsoft may have snatched up an exclusivity deal for the game.  Well a mere two weeks after the release of Joe Danger 2 comes the news that the game is indeed coming to the PlayStation Network.

Stunt Fans Rejoice: Joe Danger 2 Is Finally Given A Release Date

The fine chaps over at Hello Games have finally finished their ode to the classic era of over-the-top stunts and cartoons as Joe Danger 2: The Movie has a release date. Announced last year to the merriment of gamers, Joe Danger 2 looked to retain the same core elements found in its predecessor all while including a plethora of new stuntastic scenarios that would make any daredevil gamer smile with glee.

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