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Metal Gear Rising Hands-on [PAX Prime 2012]

I’ve said, since I got my Sonic Team logo tattoo, that if I hadn’t gone with Sonic for permanent ink/nerd-cred I would have paid respect to Kojima-san by getting a Foxhound tattoo. So when Metal Gear Rising was first shown, I found myself a little leery, to say the least, at the concept of breaking the entire Metal Gear/tactical espionage genre being cast to the way-side in favor of a ridiculous, over-the-top action/adventure title.

The Director Of Metal Gear Rising Is Finally Revealed + Demo News

At this point the feelings about Metal Gear Rising: Revengance (I giggle every time I type that) are still mixed despite it being well over a month since the game was finally unveiled.  There’s certainly an amount of unfair bashing over the direction MGR has gone in, but for the most part there are some level-headed folks out there who simply aren’t sold on the title, despite either being fans of Metal Gear or developer Platinum Games.

Some Exclusive Xbox 360 Items Are Dished Out In The MGS HD Collection

Metal Gear Solid and Microsoft have never had an extremely good relationship compared to the relationship Sony has with Konami/Kojima Productions but that may be slowly changing. Aside from Konami warming up to Microsoft slowly through things such as debuting titles such as MGS: Rising at Microsoft events, Kojima Productions is finally giving Xbox 360 gamers some exclusive MGS goodness.  The only catch being is that said goodness comes in the form of Xbox 360 Avatar items.

Debut Footage Of MGS3 HD Edition Looks Beautiful

Yesterday we received some glorious images proving that HD Collections can be a good thing as the MGS HD Collection simply looked superb.  The first major media reveal of the HD upgrade being given to MGS2, MGS3 and MGS: Peace Walker, the screens looked glorious but of course looking at a still image never conveys the same awe that is to be had from seeing something in motion. To give MGS fans one last treat to celebrate Gamescom, Konami and Kojima Productions have released a new video showing off the HD upgrade MGS3 has received.

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