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We can now prepare for battle: God of War 3 release date announced

Now gamers know when to expect the chaos as Sony has announced that God of War 3 will be released on March 16.  We’re a mere two months from the final chapter in one of the most action-packed games released in the past decade and you know it’s going to end bloody as hell.

Find out why Kratos is so angry in a new God of War comic book series

Over the past three God of War games we’ve gotten a nice look at why Kratos is so damn angry. Sure, he’s a warrior and a complete badass on the battlefield but he seems generally angry and a bit grumpy all the time. Yes, accidentally killing your wife & daughter and then being imbued with their ashes as a constant reminder will put a damper on anyone’s day but even after accepting that incident Kratos is still an angry man. Even despite bedding multiple hot Greek women at the same time Kratos is still an angry basterd who will disembowel anyone.

Rumor time: God of War 3 may feature some sort of co-op mode

For some reason this generation gamers expect every game to feature some sort of co-op feature even if such a thing doesn’t fit the franchise and the narrative of the single-player experience.  Games like Resident Evil 5 somewhat suffered by the inclusion of a co-op mode as it took away that level of isolation and dread of what awaits you.  One game that keeps being mentioned during co-op discussions is God of War 3.

Here's a look at the God of War 3 demo

It’s a good time to be a God of War fan with the God of War Collection almost upon us, an awesome Collector’s Edition for God of War 3 just announced and now we have a God of War 3 demo.  If you were a lucky EU PS3 owner, a member of the GOW3 website or pre-ordered the GOW3 CE then you were graced with the awesome that is God of War 3.

Sony and Sideshow Collectibles team up for God of War

It looks like Sony is finally realizing that there are fans out there that would love to have merchandise for their favorite games. The releases of things like the upcoming Resistance 2 and Ratchet & Clank figures from DC Direct shows that Sony is finally starting to give consumers the collectible goodness that they want.

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