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Lost Planet

Lost Planet 3 Shows A More Dramatic Side In This New Trailer + Release Date Revealed

Capcom’s somewhat unexpected reboot/sequel of the Lost Planet series has emerged once again after a brief absence. Not seen since E3 2012, some had wondered if things had gone terribly wrong with Lost Planet 3 due to the radio silence both by Capcom and Spark Unlimited. Yet here we are once again graced by the new everyman hero of Lost Planet 3 along with news of when the game will arrive.

EX Troopers Hands-On [Preview]

Capcom hasn’t exactly been as forthcoming as we wanted them to be on the matter, but even if the Lost Planet spin-off that is EX Troopers isn’t coming to the West we can ultimately get a small taste of the project.  Since Capcom hinted that EX Troopers wouldn’t be coming westward any time soon gamers have been outright annoyed since the game looks better than how we all thought it would be. 

EX Troopers May Not Receive Western Release

The sometimes tepid relationship gamers have with Capcom may only grow to be that more strenuous based on our latest update concerning EX Troopers. The PSN/3DS bound Lost Planet spin-off has received some admirable buzz in the last few months despite deviating from the established Lost Planet shoot-em-up formula in favor of a more RPG action/adventure experience.  

Latest EX Troopers Trailer Shows More Anime Inspired Action

Capcom may not have featured the game at E3 earlier this month, but the company seemingly has no problem showing off the new Lost Planet spinoff EX Troopers at other events, specifically those that take place in Japan. This past weekend Capcom showed off EX Troopers in a public capacity by showing the game running on the PS3. While such news may not mean much to those who live in the U.S. or Europe, we do have a new trailer for EX Troopers which once again shows that Capcom may be going a bit old-school.

EX Troopers Debut Trailer Isn't Complete Garbage

Yesterday the question some gamers were asking themselves was “Why is this being made?”  The game that led to such a question being asked was none other than Capcom’s newly announced PS3/3DS title EX Troopers.  A spin-off of the Lost Planet franchise, EX Troopers was revealed to be an anime inspired action/adventure game with light RPG elements and plenty of bug eyed human characters to fulfill the anime quota.

Lost Planet Is Receiving A Spin-Off With EX Troopers

Capcom has been on a roll lately when it comes to lightly trolling gamers, not only with the games that are produced by the company but the business decisions that are made as well. Far from being looked at as a once great warrior that has fallen, much like Konami is, Capcom is just making some weird moves that are a complete toss up when it comes to being viable financially and critically.

Lost Planet Returns With A New Game And A New Developer [Updated]

Capcom has done nothing but surprise us this generation in more ways than one.  Not only did the company kick off this generation with a bang through new IPs such as Lost Planet and Dead Rising, but they went on to produce some original titles that weren’t simply variations of the Resident Evil franchise.  That quest for originality, even if it wasn’t a guaranteed success, has resulted in some good and bad moments that at times have sent gamers through a wave of emotions.

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