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Metal Gear Rising: Revengance

Metal Gear Rising Hands-on [PAX Prime 2012]

I’ve said, since I got my Sonic Team logo tattoo, that if I hadn’t gone with Sonic for permanent ink/nerd-cred I would have paid respect to Kojima-san by getting a Foxhound tattoo. So when Metal Gear Rising was first shown, I found myself a little leery, to say the least, at the concept of breaking the entire Metal Gear/tactical espionage genre being cast to the way-side in favor of a ridiculous, over-the-top action/adventure title.

The Director Of Metal Gear Rising Is Finally Revealed + Demo News

At this point the feelings about Metal Gear Rising: Revengance (I giggle every time I type that) are still mixed despite it being well over a month since the game was finally unveiled.  There’s certainly an amount of unfair bashing over the direction MGR has gone in, but for the most part there are some level-headed folks out there who simply aren’t sold on the title, despite either being fans of Metal Gear or developer Platinum Games.

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