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Ruffian Games (Crackdown 2) Tease Of New Projects

The reception that Crackdown 2 received may not have been extremely positive, but developer Ruffian Games is moving forward several new projects that are reportedly being backed by major publishers.  Since the release of Crackdown 2, Ruffian has stayed silent about exactly what the studio would be tackling next, but a recent job posting boasted of the new projects Ruffian has in the pipeline.

First Crop Of Games Premiering At The Spike Video Game Awards 2011 Are Revealed

It’s close to that special time of year in which we get a few surprises that we weren’t expecting at all. No, I’m not talking about receiving a holiday specific present but instead receiving our first look at brand new video games and eagerly anticipated sequels thanks to the Spike Video Game Awards.  A tradition in the video game biz for the last few years, the Spike VGAs can always be assured to give us a few key things: horrible “comedy”, world premier trailers, and an almost unnecessary amount of dudebro content which may or may not include women prancing around in bikinis.

Dance Central 2 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The games mechanics and tech have all been given the upgrades that the fans requested. The new options for voice control on the menu system and the integrated co-op that allows you to dance with your friends at the same time are welcome additions to the game. The track-list however is a little south of 'impressive' and could have used a little more of that classic Harmonix awesomeness.

The Pros: 

+Voice controlled menus make navigation quick and easy.

+The integrated multiplayer allows you to dance together.

+The same gameplay that made DC1 the best launch title for the Kinect is back and refined.

The Cons: 

-The track list is pretty weak, which is kind of important for a game that's supposed to make you want to get up and dance. Rating : 

When Dance Central launched alongside Xbox's newest peripheral, the Kinect, one year ago (Happy Anniversary Kinect!) it was hands-down the best received game to take advantage of the hardware. To be fair, it wasn't a particularly stellar launch line-up to be fair... but even still a rhythm-based game from Harmonix is always a welcome addition to any new medium.

A Brief Look At My Amazing Story, The Canceled Xbox 360 Game That Never Was

I always appreciate the chance to see whatever I can of a cancelled video game and today we have a nice gem from a cancelled Microsoft venture.  Don’t ask me what happened to Microsoft’s internal efforts this generation as the company has cut down on their projects significantly to the point where they appear to only focus on anything relating to Halo, Kinect, and Avatars. Despite including the last two things, Microsoft opted to cancel My Amazing Story, a light RPG/adventure game from developer Planet Moon Studios.

Gears of War 3: The Horde Command Pack Incoming on November 1st.

Microsoft announced today details for the very first batch of downloadable content for Epic Games' Gears of War 3 will hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace on November 1st called Gears of War 3: The Horde Command Pack.

The Horde Command Pack will bring 3 new multiplayer maps, new fortification upgrades, two new weapon skins, three new playable multiplayer characters and new achievements to unlock that will boost your Gamerscore by 250 points.

Grasshoppper Manufacture Finally Reveals Their Kinect Game And Yes, It's Crazy

I’ll admit that as a gamer my interest in the Kinect wasn’t as high compared to other things.  It’s not just because I’m a Sony “fanboy” but the Kinect has potential in some respects but developers seem to be all over the place as to what to do.  Should the Kinect enhance an experience played with a controller or should gamers literally take control of a video game with their body movements serving as the basis of control? I’m not going to go into a Kinect debate just yet, but one game that did get me interested in the tech was Codename D from Grasshopper Manufacture.

Former Kojima Productions Staffer Leaves Master Chief and Friends For Greener Pastures

Details on 343 Industries forthcoming second Halo trilogy may still be closely guarded, but the project has already received a minor setback of sorts.  Today 343 Industries veteran and Halo 4 Creative Director Ryan Payton has announced that he will be departing the company and will be opening his own development studio.  Ryan may not be one of the immediate godfathers or protectors of the Halo franchise, but he does have a reputation in the industry, partly because he was the chief Western influence on the Kojima Productions team during the development of Metal Gear Solid 4.

Gears of War 3 Gets A Season Pass

With the launch of Gears of War 3 just barely three weeks away, Microsoft and Epic announces their own Season Pass that will be available to purchase alongside with the game's release on September 20th.

Taking a cue from from the likes of L.A. Noire and Mortal Kombat, the Gears of War 3's Season Pass looks to offer gamers an opportunity to pre-order the upcoming DLC at a discounted price. Unlike L.A. Noire and Mortal Kombat Season Pass' reasonable cost, Gears of War 3's Season Pass will be the priciest ever.

The Dark Side Wins As Kinect Star Wars Has Been Delayed

The Force hasn’t been as strong as we thought it would be since Kinect Star Wars hasn’t had the greatest showing thus far.  Most games never kick things off with a simply jaw dropping start, but Kinect Star Wars failed to live up to the almost yearlong hype the game garnered since being announced at E3 2010.  To say that Kinect Star Wars was one of the biggest disappointments at E3 2011 would be a bit of an understatement but all hope may not be lost as the game has officially been delayed this year.

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