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A Celeb Voiced Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Skin Is Now Being Given Away For Free! (Good news if you're an Ice-T fan)

Gears of War 3 is easily going to be one of the biggest games to be released this year due to a variety of reasons.  Not only is it supposed to be the last chapter in the current Gears story but the multiplayer mode actually looks fun instead of being a janky mess and as always there’s an abundant amount of violence and gore.  Gears 3 may still be a month away from being released, but gamers can get a little bonus of sorts now since Epic Games is giving away voucher codes for a bonus character skin.

Microsoft E3 2011 Conference Wrap-Up

Microsoft was the first to step on the stage for E3 today and as expected the Microsoft Kinect played an important role in their conference.  After being on display for the first time last year, Microsoft really didn’t set the world on fire with their projects and once the Kinect launch rolled around things weren’t too exciting either outside of Kinect Sports and Dance Central.  With Microsoft leveraging so much on the Kinect, it’s somewhat odd that once again the company really didn’t deliver this year on their promise to give core gamers compelling software.

Fable: The Journey Will Put Magic in the Hands of Gamers

Fable:  The Journey is on a pilgrimage to your Xbox in an attempt to feed the hardcore gaming audience with Kinect ready games.

For gamers who purchased a Kinect in hope of eventual release of blockbuster titles, this E3 has been a breath of fresh air with the announcement of many Kinect games for core audiences. One such title, Fable: The Journey, was announced today from LionHead Studios. However, will The Journey stay true to the Fable series, or will it be a disappointment to the franchise’s fans?

Microsoft Xbox 360 Live Blog Of Potential Kinect Redemption And Exclusive Goodness [E3 2011]

To start off E3 2011, Microsoft is taking center stage this morning in what could be a cavalcade of surprises or utter disappointments. With the accidental reveal of Halo 4 (who didn’t see that coming) we already know that Microsoft will bring the big guns from their established franchises, but well they offer anything new or amazing from the Kinect?

Kinect Star Wars Footage Looks Slightly Horrendous [E3 2011]

E3 2011 hasn’t officially kicked off yet but the vibe is in full effect, not only because I’m at a hotel located a few blocks away from the L.A.

Gears of War 3 Collector's Edition Is Cool But Typically Pricey

It’s a prerequisite at this point that every major game receives a special release SKU that either has cool stuff to justify the $40 bump in price or is so woefully put together that it’s clear the publisher merely wants some easy money at the hands of overzealous fans.  Gears of War 3 is shaping up to be another big game for the Xbox 360 and to celebrate the end of the core Gears trilogy, Microsoft and Epic Games have prepped not just one but two rather cool special release SKUs.

Microsoft May Finally Deliver The Goods For The Kinect At E3

Next month is going to be the make or break time for Microsoft’s Kinect as gamers desperately want some core centric games for the platform.  In the past three months we’ve heard rumblings of new Kinect games like a possible modern warfare shooting game, an update on the Star Wars Kinect project and a rather appealing description for the

The Too Human Franchise May Continue. For or Against Time Part 2.

I never thought I would find myself writing about this, but apparently we could see the Too Human franchise continue based on recent comments made by Silicon Knights Founder/CEO Denis Dyack.  Too Human is mostly known for being one of the more interesting games to be released this generation for several key reasons, the biggest of which being that it wasn’t that great of a game.  We’re all used to seeing less than stellar games released, but after multiple years in development and lots of hyping at the hands of Denis Dyack himself, Too Human came and went and was quickly forgotten

Microsoft's New Studio Is Apparently Making A Core Centric Kinect Game

In the year since Microsoft launched the Kinect the 1st party offerings for the peripheral haven’t been what gamers had hoped for.  Games like Kinect Sports and even Kinectimals have been decent if not merely passable games that highlight the technology while not completely being a tech demo.  Ever since Microsoft unveiled the Kinect gamers have been waiting to see a core centric game come out and such things are definitely in the works with 3rd party companies like Capcom, Sega and even Grasshopper Manufacture doing such a thing with games like Steel Battalion and Codename D.

Australian Ratings Listing Reveals Sequel To Hydrophobia

Usually developers only have one chance to make their game good since once it hits retail it’s out for the public to consume and hopefully enjoy.  When Hydrophobia was released on XBLA last year the game didn’t exactly have a warm welcoming as it had a series of problems that prevented it from joining the pantheon of great XBLA games.  But then developer Dark Energy Digital did something that’s rarely seen these days: they released an epic patch that essentially fixed a good chunk of Hydrophobia’s problems and in the process trimmed some of the extra fat that wasn’t required in th

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