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Microsoft And Epic Games Finally Announce The Release Date For Gears of War 3

When Microsoft and Epic Games revealed that Gears of War 3 would miss its original release date of Spring 2011 and instead would drop sometime in the Fall/Holiday 2011 schedule, it didn’t go over well with gamers.  The delay in the emergence of Gears 3 wasn’t because Epic Games was behind scheduled and needed a few extra months to polish the game, but instead was because Microsoft wanted to strengthen their back-end 2011 release schedule.

Rare Cuts Art Team Members, More Cuts To Follow [Rumor]

Another long-time game developer could be on deaths doors if recent speculation is to be believed.  After giving us a series of classic games in the mid-1990s on the Nintendo 64, Rare has since gone on to do projects which to be honest haven’t exactly captured the same feel and fun factor that was found in their previous work. Perhaps some of the blame on Rare’s less than stellar offerings can be attributed to the management of the company, but of course that also falls on Microsoft Game Studios, which are reportedly shifting the focus and staff size of Rare once again.

Gears of War Kinect Will Reportedly Become A Reality [RUMOR]

Late last year we received an interesting rumor from IGN concerning a new Gears of War game that just so happened to utilize the Kinect.  Originally it appeared that Microsoft and Epic Games was set to debut their new Gears title at the Spike VGAs in December but on the day of the event it was announced that Microsoft pulled the game from the event for reasons unknown.  Since then, we haven’t heard much of what Microsoft and Epic Games have planned but last month Microsoft filed

New Gears of War 3 Bullshots...Oops, I Mean Screenshots Are Released

For some reason Gears of War 3 has been hiding in some deep far off cave, far from ready to blast through emergence hole to shock and awe us all.  I guess the lack of any recent Gears 3 media or news can be chalked up to the game being bumped from April to the Holiday 2011 slot at the behest of Microsoft and the powers that be who make such decisions.  It probably won’t make that much of a difference when Gears 3 will be released, aside from gamers having a frown due to not cutting up Locusts’ in two, but at least it appears that we’re going to slowly rec

Possible Details on the Halo HD Remake [RUMOR]

For the past few months there have been rumblings of HD remake of the first Halo game.  Such a thing would be rather fitting at this time as we’re reaching the 10th anniversary of Halo’s debut on the original Xbox, which once again makes me feel very old for some reason.  Despite the rumblings of a Halo HD remake we never really got any substantial details and Microsoft themselves commented that the business model of HD remakes wasn’t one the company was actively looking into.  But now we finally have some firm details on the Halo HD rumor which I think may not go over well w

Undead Labs Set To Infect Xbox LIVE Arcade With Zombies

Undead Labs in collaboration with Microsoft Game Studios announced today that it will exclusively bring an open world zombie-survival game, working title for now "Class3", to the Xbox 360's LIVE Arcade.


A Special Xbox Character Could Be Coming To Mortal Kombat [Rumor]

Having platform specific characters for a fighting game is something that never really goes over well with gamers.  In some cases having character x appear on one console and not the other will lead to further fanboy battles and an audience that is slightly ticked off that they’re not receiving an additional combatant to master and own fools with online.

Gears of War Triple Pack Details Revealed

Thanks to a premature Gamestop listing a bit earlier this month we got wind of a new possible re-release of Gears of War and it's sequel in an edition that was being labeled as "Gears of War Ultimate"

Today Epic Games clarified on the actual title of the re-release pack which will be Gears of War Triple Pack and also confirmed on what contents will be included.

New Gears of War trademark could be for the impending spin-off project

At the Spike Video Game Awards last month, Epic Games and Microsoft were set to announce a new project, rumored to be a Gears of War spin-off.  But then on the day of the event Microsoft’s Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) took to his blog to announce that the Epic/Microsoft announcement would be postponed until further notice.

Gears of War goes Ultimate in its latest release

In a perfect world we would be playing the latest and perhaps final entry in the Gears of War franchise in a few months but alas we’re not. But gamers who never partook in the overly macho, head stomping, sci-fi action offered by Gears then you can do so for a value price point.  Revealed via the wonders of GameStop jumping the gun is Gears of War Ultimate, the latest in the series long line of re-releases.

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