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Backbreaker Is Coming Back In A New Spin-Off

I’m not a huge fan of American football despite being born and bred in America (Chicago to be exact). Sure I’m a fan of the Chicago Bears (they’ve been decent but that NFC Championship game against Green Bay was a disgrace) but I’ve always been more fond of other sports like soccer and rugby – thus I’m not a hardcore player of football video games.  I can dig what Madden does but for some reason it was never the game for me despite the dozens of features and sometimes on the money gameplay it offers.

[Video/Screens] Tired of Madden? Then maybe you should check out Backbreaker

For the last couple of years football fans have had only the Madden series as their source of pigskin action.  To some this is a good thing but lately the Madden series hasn’t exactly been as good as it once was.  A few football alternatives have popped up such as Midway’s Blitz: The League. But that games lack of big NFL names and over reliance on “shocking” content didn’t exactly pan out in the end.

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