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next-gen PlayStation

SuperBot Entertainment Seeking New Staffers, Potential PS All-Stars Sequel In The Works

Usually I refrain from posting NPD numbers or any type of sales data for two reasons: it provides unwanted corporate/fanboy wanking, and it can just be flat out depressing at times.  We all know that not every game is able to be a mega-hit right off the bat, but learning that game X sold less than 100,000 units in its first month of release can be utterly sad, hence I’m not a big fan of posting pointless sales data articles.

Media Molecule Already Working On New Unannounced Project

One of the big surprises made during Sony’s Gamescom presentation this week was the reveal of Tearaway, the new IP from Media Molecule. After giving the world the game that keeps on giving in the form of LittleBigPlanet, Media Molecule has gone on to create a game that features the same whimsical tone but is a bit more direct and dare I say it traditional in how it’s executed.  It was a bit surprising that Media Molecule revealed that their new IP was a PlayStation Vita game, but fear not as the folks over in Guildford are indeed working on a second project.

SOCOM Developer Zipper Interactive Is Reportedly Being Laid To Rest i.e. They're Being Closed By Sony

I don’t quite know if we’re going to soon approach one of those weird periods in which companies are being slaughtered left and right similar to what happens in a horror movie, but word has surfaced that none other than Zipper Interactive is being shuttered. The company best known for the SOCOM franchise has been a key part of Sony’s development studios since the SOCOM series launched on the PS2 and that’s why Sony ultimately chose to acquire the company in 2006. But now it seems that Sony has opted to close Zipper and potentially end a few key PlayStation franchises in the process.

Sports Champions Developer Moving To Next-Gen PlayStation Project

Sony may be looking to have some motion based gaming from the get-go once their successor to the PlayStation 3 arrives.  For months we’ve only heard rumors as to what possible improvements we could see the PlayStation Move receive when Sony launches their next-gen PlayStation but of course no one has a definitive clue as everything is shrouded in shadows or double-talk rumors with no major backing to them.

Rumor Of The Day: Sony Adopting PC Approach With Next-Gen PlayStation

The next-gen console rumors are finally starting to heat up with half a dozen rumors floating around about Microsoft’s next-gen console in addition to the fact that the company held a developer summit revolving around the device and/or the technology that powers it.

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