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next-gen Xbox

Microsoft Possibily Set To Resurrect TV Show Heroes For Xbox TV Programming

Microsoft’s desire to turn the next-gen Xbox into a go-to entertainment hub may have been underestimated by gamers and those in the games industry. For years it hasn’t been a secret that Microsoft wants to push the Xbox brand as a viable entertainment hub whether it be through apps or key software, but now a tidbit has surfaced that the company could be following in the steps of what Netflix has recently done.

Microsoft Unveils Impressive New IllumiRoom Game Tech

As expected CES 2013 hasn’t exactly been a major event in respect to Earth shattering gaming announcements. A more reserved show compared to GDC and E3, CES has usually been the home to more minor announcements, if that, which in some instances serve as a small tease of things to come.

It almost seemed as if CES 2013 wouldn’t give us much in the way of noteworthy gaming reveals aside from the oddity that is the Nvidia Shield, but Microsoft have just revealed an interesting prototype they've created for the Xbox.

Microsoft Reveals Black Tusk Studios, Rumored To Making Sci-Fi Shooter

The games industry may have suffered some major setbacks when it comes to development studios, but the industry hasn’t entered the worrisome DEFCON 5 level scenario just yet. While work can still be done to help improve the industry in an effort to make things more financially sound for certain studios, working in the games industry isn’t a complete suicide job as evident by Microsoft’s new studio based out of Vancouver.

Microsoft Reportedly Pursuing Xbox Branded Surface Device

Over the last few months there have been countless rumors about the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, some of which seemed legit while others were nothing but complete flights of fancy.  With word pointing to the next console from Microsoft dropping sometime next year, perhaps in time for the Holiday season, we’re bound to get some legit details on the successor to the Xbox 360 - the first of which may be a new add-on peripheral in the form of a tablet.

Rare Could Be Going Back To Form On The Next-Gen Xbox

There have been quite a few injustices done in the video game industry, but one that still has gamers in complete scorn mode is how Microsoft has handled Rare. The prolific studio behind games such as GoldenEye and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, the purchase of Rare by Microsoft didn’t seem all that bad when it happened in 2002.  The $375 million sum Microsoft spent on acquiring Rare was certainly one to balk at, but the prospect of Microsoft tapping into the talent Rare possessed seemed like it would’ve been a dream scenario.

Obsidian Entertainment's Fate May Have Been Sealed By Microsoft

The first major casualty of the next-gen wave of consoles may have just fallen on the battlefield but surprisingly its identity may forever be unknown.  Right now there are likely a dozen or so studios working on next-gen games for both Sony and Microsoft which will remain nameless until it’s time to start the hype machines and get people excited about spending $400 on a gaming console again.

[RUMOR] Crytek Bumps The Kinect Action Title Ryse To Next-Gen Xbox

The plot is thickening when it comes to the next-generation Xbox.  We’ve already been hit with a few rumors pointing to potential tech specs for Microsoft's next-gen console and how it could possibly be unveiled at CES next month.  It’s almost tradition in the video game industry for somewhat believable, somewhat full of crap rumors to surface about next-gen hardware and in a way it’s something gamers look forward to.

Ubisoft Rumored To Be In Possession Of Next-Gen Xbox Dev Kit, 2012 Release Likely

There have been rumblings in the past few weeks concerning major updates pertaining to the next iteration of the Xbox – some of which point to the device being unveiled at CES 2012 in January.  For the most part it’s perfectly normal for a bit of next-gen console buzz to be going at this stage in game, but now some more murmurs have been heard which once again point to Microsoft doing the unexpected by releasing the next-generation Xbox in late 2012.

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