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PlayStation Eye

New Sony Patent Reveals 3D Sensing Camera

It’s once again time to think about the future for a minute as a new patent has surfaced filde by none other than Richard Marks, the creator of the PlayStation Eye and the PlayStation Move. Over the past few months we’ve heard countless rumors about the next-gen consoles and the next core PlayStation console, with the last “key” piece of news being a patent for a tablet based gaming peripheral. Such a development obviously stirred things up in the gaming community seeing as how tablet controllers could be the next big thing; pending of course the Wii U doesn’t mega bomb at retail.

Sony Gets Gamers Ready For Duty With SOCOM 4: Deployment Edition

SOCOM 4 is almost within reach as its two months away from finally hitting retail.  With the multiplayer beta expected to launch shortly, Sony has announced a little something for gamers who want the complete PlayStation Move enabled SOCOM 4 experience.  Slated to hit on April 19th is the SOCOM 4: Deployment Edition, which sadly doesn’t include a pair of dog tags, some cammo clothing or a dudebro style bandana.  Instead of some slightly superfluous bonus content, the Deployment Edition is pretty much a bundle of sheer awesomeness for gamers who haven’t jumped aboard the PlayS

Become a kung-fu master in Kung-Fu LIVE

Later this year the motion control battles will be in full effect once the PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinetic are released. But if you’re the type of gamer who would prefer not to spend a whole lot of money on a new device or peripheral, then you may want to check out Kung-Fu LIVE.

See Sony's facial recognition tech in action

Last month an interesting patent came up involving tech Sony was working on that would track a user’s face and laughter via the PlayStation Eye which would in turn dictate certain game scenarios.  Today we can see a small glimpse of what sort of things Sony is planning and researching with the PS Eye as they’ve recently showed off the facial recognition tech.

Sony's new patent is all about emotion and laughter

I guess this week must be “uncover the silly patent week” with the odd looking Nintendo cushion being the first and now Siliconera has unearthed a very odd and somewhat unique patent from Sony that will surely make some out there laugh (hack line of the day).

Sony patents new motion tech

At E3 this year Sony showed off their motion tech which pleased many due to its accuracy and game potential. The motion war between Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s motion device seemed like it was going to be heated enough but now Sony has issued a patent that could make the battle even more interesting.

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