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An Early Glimpse At The First Metal Gear Rising Play Arts Kai Figure

Metal Gear Solid fans are now in a good period if they just so happen to be toy collectors since the franchise has gotten a major push in the merchandise front in the last two years.  Originally MGS has always had cool product representation such as the original action figure lines done by McFarlane Toys, but now that Konami has teamed up with Square Enix to produce figures we’re in a golden era of sorts.

The Power Of Raiden Is On Display Once More In This New Mortal Kombat Video

One thing that has always been clear is that in the world of Mortal Kombat the thunder god that is Raiden is an absolute badass. Sure, he may be a bit of a screw up every now and then concerning important things like the fate of the world, but for the most part he does a good enough job of protecting the Earth realm partly because he’s a powerful fighter. Now that the thunder god is officially a part of the newest Mortal Kombat game, a new gameplay video showcasing Raiden’s abilities has been unleashed upon us.

Raiden Lights Things Up In This New Mortal Kombat Video

Going into the new Mortal Kombat game I think a lot of gamers still had some reservations about the project despite all the advances that developer NetherRealm Studios was making.  Sure, the game was looking good visually, had some cool features and returning classic characters but would it play well?  The last few MK games have been a bit hit and miss in terms of having a fun and engaging combat engine, but as PlayStation Plus subscribers have found out this week, the new Mortal Kombat game is an absolute gem.

Small Metal Gear Solid: Rising image shows off Raiden

Perhaps a sign that the game will have some sort of showing at E3, box art for Metal Gear Solid: Rising has surfaced via Xbox Live Marketplace.  The box art gives us a better look of Raiden who still looks different compared to his MGS4 appearance. The spine holding, heroic pose and big ass gun strapped on his back once again show that Raiden isn’t to be messed with, even if he has girly hair.

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