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Resistance 3

Insomniac Games Has Officially Called It A Day With The Resistance Franchise

This may be sad news for some PS3 gamers, but Insomniac Games is officially done with the Resistance franchise. After releasing Resistance 3 last September it was unknown if Insomniac would continue with the series some point down the road given the ending of the game and the new 3rd party focus of Insomniac.

FYI: Sony Makes A Minor Change In The PS3 3D Monitor Bundle

In case you were hoping to jump aboard the 3D bandwagon this year with Sony’s PlayStation 3 3D enabled monitor you may want to take note of one slightly significant change.  Instead of the 3D monitor bundle shipping with a copy of Resistance 3 as it was announced at E3 this year, the bundle will now ship with a copy of Motorstorm: Apocalypse, which in case you didn’t know also supports 3D gaming.

It's Almost Time To Enlist Into The Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta

In the past few months we have yet to see anything from Resistance 3 to overwhelmingly disappoint us.  There have certainly been a few moments that led us on a path of worry such as the somewhat noticeable reduction in the blood/gore effects when certain Chimera types are killed, but so far Resistance 3 appears to be the game that Resistance 2 should’ve been.  After some folks were lucky enough to get their hands on the single-player demo that was released with Battle: Los Angeles or was made available on the Hong Kong PS Store for a brief moment of time, we will now all be able t

The PlayStation Goodness Will Be Plentiful At The San Diego Comic Con

Back in the day the San Diego Comic Con used to be an event that primarily focused on comic books with the occasional appearance by a high-profile movie, which in some cases was based on a comic book. But these days the San Diego Comic Con has grown to become a huge pop culture/geek heaven mega-event that includes panels for a ton of TV shows, genre films and of course video games.

Sony Is Following The Latest Trend Of Enforcing An Online Pass

Sony is now jumping aboard the trend of publishers who are requiring an online pass for some of their titles in order to play the always sought after multiplayer modes.  The news has been confirmed today after an image was released yesterday showing a Resistance 3 box with signage that pointed to a new PSN Pass feature.  At the time gamers didn’t know what this PSN Pass would entail or if it would be similar to what Rockstar Games and WB Games is doing with their most recent releases (you buy future DLC in bulk at a discount and download it ASAP when it’s released).

Europe Gets A Rather Extensive Resistance 3 Collector's Edition

For a lot of us video games are a deep passion that goes beyond just spending a few hours a day playing GTAIV, Madden or Killzone 3.  Personally speaking, I can attest to how video games are a major hobby of mine and how I have no problem laying down the bucks when required to pick up something that appeals to me. This generation it seems like publishers have finally realized just how major the fandom of video game fans is since we’ve seen an almost non-stop flow of specialty SKUs for major games.

The Box Art For Resistance 3 Is Nothing But Pure Class

Box art is usually nothing to get excited about these days since most of the time what's offered is simply horrendous.  To fit the mantra of most games or what is assumed to be desired by gamers, publishers often give us box art with the obligatory hero striking a badass pose and/or blasting some enemies.  Either that or we see box art that follows the blue & orange color scheme that seems to be widespread in both the video game and movie biz.

Resistance 3 Single-Player Demo Set To Drop Soon But There's A Catch

Resistance 3 could very well be one of the highlight games of 2011 and soon we’ll find out if it has the goods since a single-player demo is being prepped.  It’s somewhat rare to see a 1st party Sony game receive a demo this early in advance to its impending release, but it appears that Sony is keen on fully promoting Resistance 3 to the masses instead of merely targeting the core gamer demographic.

Latest Resistance 3 Gameplay Video Shows That The Game Is On The Right Track

Instead of waiting to show off things at E3, Insomniac and Sony have been keen showing a lot of Resistance 3 to the public lately.  Stuff like Insomniac’s recent games day allowed a bunch of lucky folks to get some hands-on time with the multiplayer mode of R3 and shortly a large amount of gamers will be privy to the multiplayer beta that’s set to launch.  Perhaps the big reason for this Resistance 3 push is to show gamers that after the mehtacular project that was Resistance 2 Insomniac has learned their lesson and won’t be making such mistakes in R3.

Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta Kicks Off Soon And Here's How You Can Get In...

As is always the case, Sony has some major first party games set for release this year and one that has particularly received a lot of hype is Resistance 3.  We all know that Resistance 2 was honestly a bit of a disappointment, but Insomniac has so far fixed their wrongs with Resistance 3 – which for all we know could be the last major Resistance game Insomniac develops. 

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