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Ryan Payton

Republique Surfaces Again With Graphical Refinements [Video/Screens]

If you’ve been wondering where Republique, the new stealth-action game from indie studio Camouflaj, has been then here’s a rather major update for you.  After successfully reaching its much needed Kickstarter goal in a brilliant last minute hurrah, the team at Camouflaj have been hard at work creating the dystopian world of the game which is now sporting a slightly different graphical look.

Camouflaj Reveals Republique, A New Stealth Action Thriller

Most recently teased in a series of photos taken from the motion capture session, former Kojima Productions and 343 Industries employee Ryan Payton has revealed the first game by his new studio Camouflaj.  Set to debut on iOS platforms is Republique, a new stealth action thriller that tries to break out of the familiar mold of the genre to provide something that’s all too rare these days – an original experience not focused on big action and constant neck snapping.

A Small Tease Of What's To Come From Camouflaj

Those of you out there that like to keep track of potentially cool indie projects developed by start-up studios may be glad to hear we have a minor update from Camouflaj.  The Seattle based studio founded by former Kojima Productions and 343 Industries staffer Ryan Payton may still be relatively young, it was formed last September, but things are already well underway on the development side of things.

Former Kojima Productions Staffer Leaves Master Chief and Friends For Greener Pastures

Details on 343 Industries forthcoming second Halo trilogy may still be closely guarded, but the project has already received a minor setback of sorts.  Today 343 Industries veteran and Halo 4 Creative Director Ryan Payton has announced that he will be departing the company and will be opening his own development studio.  Ryan may not be one of the immediate godfathers or protectors of the Halo franchise, but he does have a reputation in the industry, partly because he was the chief Western influence on the Kojima Productions team during the development of Metal Gear Solid 4.

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