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Team Ico Head Fumito Ueda Breaks His Silence With A Very Minor Update On The Last Guardian

A week has almost elapsed since the not so great rumor broke that Team Ico head Fumito Ueda left Sony.  Not all was completely lost for Team Ico and its current project The Last Guardian as Fumito was reportedly finishing up his work on the game in a freelance capacity. Now like most rumors, Sony and Fumito didn’t bother to comment on the rumor – thus igniting debates amongst gamers wondering if the rumor was legit while others were praying that it was false.

Interesting Teaser Video For New PS3 Exclusive The Last Of Us

So far there has been a lot of hype leading up to the Spike Video Game Awards due to the promise of exciting world premieres.  Gamers who know a thing or two have come to realize that not everything is going to be too exciting since we’re likely going to receive nine reveal trailers that feature no gameplay footage at all and are simply nicely rendered CG videos.

[Rumor] Team Ico Head Fumito Ueda Reportedly Has Left Sony

Today may end up being a day of mourning in the PlayStation nation as famed game developer Fumito Ueda has reportedly left Sony. Best known as the creator of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, Fumito was the head of Team Ico which for the last few years have been hard at work on The Last Guardian.  Eurogamer is reporting that Fumito has departed Team Ico and SCEJ and will be wrapping up his duties on The Last Guardian in a freelance capacity i.e.

Sony Possibly Prepping New Fighting Game Franchise (think Super Smash Bros. but with Sony characters)

Going into the Spike Video Game Awards this year and 2012 as a whole it’s rather interesting that we don’t know a lot about what Sony has planned for next year.  A few key releases for the PS3 will obviously be kept under wraps for a while until the official pre-E3 2012 goodness begins in early May, but everything else is a mystery. By no means am I saying that Sony has a weak 2012 line-up but after the Spring period things are rather sparse i.e. nothing has been announced for the latter half of 2012.  

Motorstorm Receives An Unexpected Spin-Off For The PlayStation Vita

Ever since the PlayStation 3 was first announced I’ve been a fan of the Motorstorm franchise. The sheer concept of going all out in a racing game was incredibly appealing to me and I was beyond impressed with the final result once I bought Motorstorm, even if the visuals didn’t match the target video.  The Motorstorm franchise has always been one of my top PS3 franchises and still is to this day, even in the wake of the somewhat terrible Motorstorm: Apocalypse.

SOCOM Developers Announce Unit 13, A New Franchise For PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita may be dropping in Japan in a matter of weeks, but both SCEA and SCEE are finally ramping up the hype machines for the planned February launch of the PlayStation Vita in Western territories.  We already have a handful of games set to appear for the Vita at launch such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Wipeout 2048 but now we have a surprise addition to the line-up of the Vita’ launch that may please core gamers.

First Details and Trailer For The Jak & Daxter Collection

After rumors swirled for months Sony officially announced that the Jak & Daxter Collection was indeed coming to the PlayStation 3 and now we finally have a trailer for it.  Announced on the PlayStation Blog, the Jak & Daxter Collection will be arriving on the PlayStation 3 in February, just like a half dozen other epic games slated for early 2012.

Guerrilla Games Working On New Killzone Installment

In news we somewhat expected to happen, Edge is reporting that Guerilla Games are indeed moving forward with the Killzone franchise in a yet to be announced follow-up.  Over the last few years the Killzone franchise has grown to become a staple of Sony’s 1st party efforts and has gained a nice following despite how crowded the FPS market is these days.  

The PlayStation Move Enabled Action Of Sorcery Is Finally Making A Return

Things have been incredibly slow for the PlayStation Move on the 1st party side of things, but that is finally going to change next month.  After being out of action for over a year the 1st party PlayStation Move effort Sorcery will be shown off at a press event being held next month.  First unveiled at Sony’s E3 2010 conference, Sorcery is a 3rd person action game that has players assuming the role of a young wizard as they cast spells using the PlayStation Move and in a rare occurrence or two transform into a mouse to navigate certain areas.

New Images Of Animal Wars, The Cancelled PS3 Game From Factor 5

Once a great company with a loyal following, Factor 5 sadly became one of the first major victims of this console generation under somewhat shocking circumstances.  After failing to deliver on their initial promises with the PS3 exclusive Lair, Factor 5 went on to produce several projects internally while working on a non-movie related Superman video game.

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