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Jak & Daxter Collection Inbound For PS3

Gamers who enjoyed Naughty Dog’s pre-Uncharted era offerings should be pleased to hear that Sony is releasing a Jak & Daxter Collection for the PlayStation 3.  For the past few months we’ve heard rumblings that the long but certainly not forgotten Jak & Daxter would be receiving the HD treatment and now we have confirmation of such a thing.

PS3 Version Of BioShock: Infinite May Feature Special PlayStation Move Peripheral

One of the big surprises at Sony’s E3 2011 press conference this year was the reveal that BioShock: Infinite would support the PlayStation Move. With BioShock creator and Irrational Games head Ken Levine taking to the stage to reveal such a thing it was a rather big announcement, not only in the camp of PlayStation gamers but video games as a whole.

Uncharted 3 Is Going To Have A Nice Bonus For Starhawk Fans

I normally don’t make a big deal out of when a game goes gold (final retail prints are being made), but I will make an exception for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.  Not only are we getting ever so closer to the November 1 release of Uncharted 3, but today Sony has announced that copies of the game will come with an added bonus: a voucher for the Starhawk multiplayer beta.

Sony Looking Into Possible Avenues To Support UMD Titles On PlayStation Vita

With the PlayStation Vita serving as an integral part of Sony’s electronics division the company is hard at work to find a solution for the ever growing UMD issue.  Ever since the PlayStation Vita was announced the millions of PSP owners across the world have wondered if they would be able to play their legacy UMD games on Sony’s new portable, despite the obvious lack of a UMD drive.

PlayStation Heroes Come To Life In Sony's Live Long Play Ad [Video]

Video game ads are always hit and miss since they either try to be too unique in order to captivate people or are simple snippets of game footage condensed into a 20 second clip.  For the most part we’ve gotten some good video game ads this generation that pay respect to the property without dumbing things down too much for the mainstream audience. Even games like Dante’s Inferno have gotten decent ads amidst classics like the ad campaign the Gears of War series has received.

Dead Nation: Road to Devastation [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Dead Nation: Road to Devastation is what more DLC add-ons should be – simple, to the point and cheap to buy.  Now focusing on a round based branching path adventure, Road to Devastation adds a wee bit of strategy to the Dead Nation experience as it allows gamers to somewhat tailor their zombie killing experience.  Even without the addition of any major new weapons or enemy types, Road to Devastation is DLC that’s worthy of forking your cash over since it’s well made and adds tremendously upon the base product.

The Pros: 

+ Branching paths add a lot to the game and offer a nice amount of variety amongst each other.

+ Multi-kill score mechanic is nice and further adds an arcade dimension to the game.

+ Level variety may not be that different compared to what Dead Nation already offered us, but there are still a lot of cool set-piece moments in the game.


The Cons: 

- Not being able to save in between rounds and having to restart upon dying is a pain.

- Would’ve preferred if level variety (art design, setting) was handled better. Rating : 

The ever continuing zombie fad may be something that is further drawing the ire of gamers and people in general, but every now and then we do get a gem out of whatever undead mayhem surfaces.  There still is definitely an easy route that video game developers can take with their undead action but for some reason Dead Nation just clicked with people. At first it seemed like the game had two strikes against itself seeing as how it’s a twin-stick shooter and a zombie game that doesn’t have the name Resident Evil bandied about anywhere.

LittleBigPlanet 2: Move Pack - The Rise of the Cakeling [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

LittleBigPlanet 2: Move Pack – The Rise of the Cakeling is easily the best addition to hit the world of LBP and the best use of the Move in a core PlayStation 3 game.  Using the Move to manipulate objects or guide loveable Sackbots is easy and never once feels gimmicky given the context and world of LBP2.  With 13 wonderfully designed and rather addicting levels, the Move Pack has a nice amount of content only made more enticing by the new tools available in the Create Mode – which does indeed allow gamers to create Move enabled creations.  Those who already own LBP2 really should check out the LBP2 Move Pack as it takes an already amazing experience and simply makes it better.

The Pros: 

+ The Move controls are terrific in how they’re executed and devised.
+ LBP is always humorous but the Rise of the Cakeling story is LBP humor at its best.
+ The mini-games unlocked via the story mode offer a lot of variety, good Move control and nice bonuses.
+ Price point is perfect for the content that’s offered and the length of the main adventure.

The Cons: 

- There are only 13 Media Molecule created levels. I WANT MORE! Rating : 

I’ve already documented some of my feelings concerning the PlayStation Move thus far and I of course wholeheartedly stand by my opinions.

Find Out When Cole MacGrath Will Return In Infamous 2: Festival of Blood

Infamous 2 may have had endings that resolved things nicely depending on which path you decided to take, yet the journey of Cole MacGrath isn’t over just yet.  Announced out of the blue at Gamescom last month, Sucker Punch will be giving us the Infamous 2: Festival of Blood DLC which is going all Edward Cullen/Eric Northman on us due to the inclusion of vampires.

Like Jetpacks? Well If You Do Then Maybe You Should Watch This New Starhawk Vid

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was roaming the confines of space waging war on the Rifters to win a CTF match. I’m of course referring to Starhawk and the time I spent with the game at PAX Prime 2011. To say that I’m excited for Starhawk is a bit of an understatement considering my fandom of Warhawk and how damn polished Starhawk has been the two times I’ve played it so far.  I may need to wait until mid next year to experience Starhawk in the comfort of my home, but at least I have this new gameplay trailer to tide me over.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Is Filled With Epic Bosses, Tiny Critters and Snarky Robots [Video]

It’s odd to imagine that a new Ratchet & Clank game is coming out next month but such a thing is actually happening.  We may have last seen Ratchet & Clank two years ago in the rather terrific R&C: A Crack in Time but now the duo are back with a few friends and enemies in tow with the multiplayer centric Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.

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