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The Weapons Of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Are On Display In This New Video

Going strong for nearly a decade, the Ratchet & Clank series is known for a few key things but the most well-known trait about the game is that you can blow stuff up.  Obviously gamers have an affinity for R&C because the games often look gorgeous and have some nice platforming sections but gamers also enjoy how they can often destroy things in a variety of ways with the many weapons that are created by Insomniac Games.

It's Almost Time To Enlist Into The Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta

In the past few months we have yet to see anything from Resistance 3 to overwhelmingly disappoint us.  There have certainly been a few moments that led us on a path of worry such as the somewhat noticeable reduction in the blood/gore effects when certain Chimera types are killed, but so far Resistance 3 appears to be the game that Resistance 2 should’ve been.  After some folks were lucky enough to get their hands on the single-player demo that was released with Battle: Los Angeles or was made available on the Hong Kong PS Store for a brief moment of time, we will now all be able t

Here's A Sony Patent That May Never See The Light Of Day

The wonderful engineers and designers at Sony Computer Entertainment are always thinking of new concepts for how consumers play and experience games.  Most of the time we’re lucky enough to get a glimpse of what Sony is thinking about when patents are eventually released or uncovered but most of the time these ideas never become reality.  Sometimes when a patent stays as a mere idea instead of becoming a physical product it can be for the best but I don’t know what to think about what SCE Europe was planning to do.

Dead Island Will Be Infecting PlayStation Home Just Before Release

Deep Silver and Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that PlayStation Home will feature an upcoming mini game related to Dead Island. Much like Royal Palms Resort – the setting of Dead Island – Home will be suddenly plagued with copious amounts of walking dead. The mini game will feature many elements of the full game, such as crafting weapons and defending against zombies. Players can also just to enjoy this game with friends, taking advantage of the four player co-op offered.

Killzone Series 1 DC Direct Figures [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Once again DC Direct has offered a solid line of figures that don’t stray from the source material and manage to have more detail than you would expect given the price point.  Fans of Killzone will surely appreciate the design of the Assault Infantry and Sniper figures as both look as they do in the video games. The lack of a few additional details in the helmets and somewhat restrictive battle poses is a slight bummer, but aren’t detrimental to the overall quality of the figures. 

The Pros: 

+ The design of the figures is nearly perfect as they capture the essence of how the characters look in the games.
+ There’s a plethora of tiny design touches on both figures.
+ Unlike other figures on the market, the price point for the Series 1 figures is really affordable.

The Cons: 

- Not being able to put the figures in different poses is slightly disappointing.
- There’s just something missing in how the glowing Helghast helmet eyes are portrayed.
- Having a second accessory or decorative display stand would’ve been a nice touch. Rating : 

Compared to when the video game industry once again hit its stride in the mid-1990s and later boomed in the early 2000s the business is completely different in every possible way.  Video games are no longer solely an interactive experience as some brands extend to more “normal” forms of entertainment like novels, comic books, films and in some cases action figures.  In a way video games and toys go hand in hand as they allow us to see something cool and at one point in our lives when we were younger, playing with toys like G.I.

PlayStation Classics Revisited: Omega Boost

The era of the first PlayStation is still one that’s looked back on as one of the best moments in the history of the video game industry.  Being the new kid on the block and having been burned by Nintendo in the early 1990s, Sony came onto the scene and essentially stole the show with their PlayStation console which went on to be the de facto system for gamers until Sony’s PlayStation successor was released in 2000.  For me the release of the PS1 was a big deal as it marked the first time my parents allowed me to own a video game console, which as many of you know led me down the

Check Out The Unique Presentation Starhawk Is Taking With Its Cutscenes [Video]

When Starhawk was revealed in May it left everyone speechless in almost every possible way.  For one it was amazing to see the vision that developer Lightbox Interactive had created since it gave us a sci-fi western that featured jets that could transform into mechs – which is easily the coolest thing to appear in a multiplayer action game. But one thing that hasn’t fully been seen in a big way is the cutscenes featured in Starhawk.

Sony Reveals A Plethora Of New Uncharted Tie-In Products (Awesome News For Toy Collectors)

As if the San Diego Comic couldn’t become an even bigger show for video game news and general goodness, Sony has revealed several major Uncharted related products that will debut at the show this week. Aside from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception being playable on the showfloor and an Uncharted panel with key talent from the game happening on Friday, Sony will be debuting several cool new Uncharted products with an array of partners ranging from collectible manufacturers and comic book companies.

The PlayStation Goodness Will Be Plentiful At The San Diego Comic Con

Back in the day the San Diego Comic Con used to be an event that primarily focused on comic books with the occasional appearance by a high-profile movie, which in some cases was based on a comic book. But these days the San Diego Comic Con has grown to become a huge pop culture/geek heaven mega-event that includes panels for a ton of TV shows, genre films and of course video games.

Sony Is Helping Out Indie Developers In A Huge Way

Sony is once again showing that they get what gamers want as they’re committing a hefty amount of cash to their indie driven Pub Fund.  Originally started in 2009, Sony’s Pub Fund initiative involves aiding indie developers (which is a cause I can get behind) to release their titles on the PlayStation Network.  Since promoting and releasing games isn’t an easy or cheap thing to do, Sony is putting up $20 million spread over the next three years to support indie developers to release their games on the PlayStation Network.

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