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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Limited Edition Unboxing Video & Contest

Released in late May, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is the latest title in the Tom Clancy series. While we did receive a review unit from the publisher for this game, we recently had a Limited Edition PS3 version show up on our doorstep. So, we're giving it away!

Rockstar Games Goes The Epic Specialty SKU Route With The Max Payne 3 Special Edition

Rockstar Games is doing something a little out of character as they’ve announced the Max Payne 3 Special Edition. Set to coincide with the release of Max Payne 3 in early March, the Special Edition SKU will have some familiar elements that most Special Edition items tend to have in addition to some high profile content that may please hardcore Max Payne fans.

Something Mildly Good Finally Comes Out Of Kinect Star Wars: An R2-D2 Themed Xbox!

There may be a tiny bit of hope left for it, but as of now Kinect Star Wars looks like crap.  My feelings on the game aren’t rooted in me being a crazy Star Wars fan as I’m not but instead are based on my feelings as a gamer.

North American Deluxe Edition Of Catherine Trumps Its Japanese Counterpart

The fact that Catherine is coming out in North America is a huge victory for gamers, or at least those gamers who enjoy adult centric games compared to the mainstream piles of mediocrity that we often see.  Atlus seems to know that it has a potential hit on its hands and they’re going all out with the North American release of Catherine since we’re getting the Catherine Deluxe Edition.

European Gran Turismo 5 Special Editions revealed (they're awesome)

Sony is all about releasing special edition skus for their top franchises and of course we’re getting one for Gran Turismo 5. After nearly half a decade, we’re getting a proper GT game for the PS3 and to celebrate this Sony is of going all out. In June the North American special edition for GT5 was revealed and included things such as a 1:43 scale die cast Nissan GT-R Spec, a massive 300-page book and vouchers for five DLC cars.

Japanese special edition announced for No More Heroes 2 (it's awesome)

I usually don’t double dip on games even if a cool special edition is released.  Usually I’ll hold off on purchasing a game for a 2nd time even if there’s an added bonus since I would prefer not to spend an additional $80-100 just to have something on my shelf.  Well I’m going to be changing my colors today as a Japanese special edition has been announced for No More Heroes 2.

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