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Spirit Camera

Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The game itself is determined to creep the player out, but falls flat due to its dependance on the included AR book. Many (myself included) would argue that survival-horror is a genre best played in the dark, but being forced to play in the daylight or under intensely bright lamps strips the atmosphere and left me playing simply to get through the storyline. The integration of the 3DS' camera is clumsy at best and it's difficult to play in 3D when you have to constantly wave your system around.

The Pros: 

+ Interesting story

+ Battling with ghosts in your living room can at times be seamless and engaging

The Cons: 

- Dependance on included AR book means if you lose sight, the game is interrupted

- Playing with the 3D enabled means you see a lot of blur when moving your system around

- Scary atmosphere is non-existant when playing in bright light 

- Very short title

- Constant static when book view is obscured is incredibly irritating and breaks the illusion Rating : 

Were or are you a fan of the Fatal Frame series? I am, a huge one. The idea that you couldn't simply beat what was attacking you with a crowbar until it went away, but rather face it head-on and take a freaking picture, staring right into a ghoulish face, in order to defeat an enemy was the source of many a restless night in the dark. And as a spin-off of such a fantastic series, I wanted to love Spirit Camera so badly. I tried, really I did. But, like math homework, sometimes you miss the common denominator and the formula doesn't work out.

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