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Nintendo Press Event at E3 2015 - Part 1

Let's take a look at the first half of the Big N's Tuesday announcements.

Nintendo's E3 approach has been shifting for the last few years. They've discovered that they can still get the same kind of groundswell and keep the conversation Nintendo-centric even without spending millions on a massive staged press event.

The Fantastic Mr. Starfox is a Beautiful Reward

I’ve been a fan of College Humor for some time now. While not every single video/original they pump out is gold, they have some solid hits. Most impressive is their love of video games, and obscure references/mash-ups. Tonight College Humor lifted the veil on perhaps the best animation the site has produced yet. The video melds together one of the best animated feature in recent years: The Fantastic Mr. Fox, with a video game classic of similar character lead: Star Fox.

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