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Undead Labs

New State of Decay Video Offers A Glimpse Of Base Building

After being in development for ages with only small glimpses shown here and there, Undead Labs finally gave us a proper look at their 3rd person survival-action zombie game State of Decay. Bound for XBLA, State of Decay may seem like nothing more than the latest game to cash in on the still popular zombie fad, but beneath the head popping action the game provides is an experience which is rooted deep in fort building and making the best decisions to stay alive.

State of Decay Adds Some Open-World Survival Horror On XBLA

Once known by the unassuming moniker Class3, Undead Labs has been hard at work on their vision of what the zombie apocalypse would be like.  Perhaps two kicks away from suffering irreparable genre damage of the highest degree, zombie video games may have somehow surpassed the bald space marine trope as far as testing our will is concerned, but there’s a chance that Class3 – or rather State of Decay could manage to inject new life into the tired genre and perhaps revitalize the way gamers look at it.

Get A Small Glimpse At Class3, A XBLA Exclusive Zombie Game

If you’re tired of zombies appearing in video games then I have bad news for you as that trend doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon.  With sequels to games like Dead Rising, Dead Island, and new properties such as The Walking Dead (note the common trend of having dead in the title) coming out soon it's clear that zombies are here to stay for better or worse. But while the undead may live on in video games for the next five years we can expect a few innovative titles to come along such as Class3, the XBLA zombie game from Undead Labs.

Undead Labs Set To Infect Xbox LIVE Arcade With Zombies

Undead Labs in collaboration with Microsoft Game Studios announced today that it will exclusively bring an open world zombie-survival game, working title for now "Class3", to the Xbox 360's LIVE Arcade.


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