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V-Moda Cross Fade LP

V-Moda Cross Fade LP Headphones [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The V-Moda Cross Fade LP headphones turned out to be a huge surprise for me as not only was using the headphones fun due to the sound quality, but they simply look cool as well.  I’m not the fashionable type that likes to accessorize with headphones, but I was still amazed at the overall quality and design touches of the Cross Fade LP which combined with the perfectly crystal clear sound quality made it hard at times for me to take them off since all I wanted to do was listen to music.  Compared to almost static headphones that look like they were chiseled out of the same bulk of plastic as the hundreds of other products on the market, the Cross Fade LP headphones are the definition of stylish and actually have the tech know how to sound good as well.

The Pros: 

+ The design touches such as the leather patterns and color accents are extremely nice.
+ I loved the durability of the headphones which despite having a steel frame weren’t too rigid or uncomfortable on my ears, even during long listening sessions.
+ Opting not to rely on pushing out heavy bass effects, the sound quality of the Cross Fade LP headphones is stellar and really balanced.
+ The bonus of having a proper hard shell travel/holding case is a nice as is the Kevlar sound chords.

The Cons: 

-  No noise cancelling is a bit of a downer.
-  The sound chord remote for Apple products is a nice idea but the execution is lacking a bit. Rating : 

When it comes to headphones I’ll be honest in saying that I can be an easy guy to please.  For me the most important part about a pair of headphones is whether or not they fit my massive head and ears and that they sound good.  I like to feel comfortable when I listen to my buttery beats or crude jokes on XM Radio so if it’s possible for my ears not to feel crushed when listening to something for extended period of time then I’ll be extremely happy.  With the V-Moda Cross Fade LP headphones the comfort factor is definitely achieved but I was amazed by something else as well:

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