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Battlefield 3's Caspian Border Trailer Showcase Air Combat

One of the biggest advantages that Battlefield has always had over its competitors was the addition of military vehicles into the gameplay, and especially into the multiplayer. While Call of Duty and its ilk may have locked down the mechanics of gun play, or hand-to-hand combat, Battlefield has always reigned supreme when it came to enveloping the entirety of the… well battlefield.

GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Adds NOT Spec Ops

Truth be told, I’m a little torn up about GoldenEye: Reloaded. There’s a part of me, a big part, that wants to get excited again about the return of GoldenEye. I have as many fond memories of the Single Player Story (that I must have played through at least a couple of dozen times), and as many “Oh man! And this one time…” stories as anyone else out there… But it’s starting to feel like maybe we didn’t need a remake. The Wii port was an interesting take, and Perfect Dark on Xbox Live Arcade was a whole lot of fun for a while.

The Fantastic Mr. Starfox is a Beautiful Reward

I’ve been a fan of College Humor for some time now. While not every single video/original they pump out is gold, they have some solid hits. Most impressive is their love of video games, and obscure references/mash-ups. Tonight College Humor lifted the veil on perhaps the best animation the site has produced yet. The video melds together one of the best animated feature in recent years: The Fantastic Mr. Fox, with a video game classic of similar character lead: Star Fox.

Fallen Frontier Combines Detailed Visuals With Simple 2D Gameplay [Video]

We’re never in short supply of 2D side-scrolling shooting games so what’s the harm in getting another title for XBLA and possibly the PSN? I know my otherwise sarcastic tone is indicative of the sometimes jaded vibe I give off, but I think we may have a title to keep our eye on in the form of Fallen Frontier.  Coming to us from Moonshot Games (which consists of former Bungie staffers) Fallen Frontier has all the familiar trappings of a standard side-scrolling action game, but for all we know it could end up being this year’s surprise hit like Shadow Complex was two years ago.

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