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Warner Brothers Interactive

Warner Brothers Interactive acquires Batman developer Rocksteady

It shouldn’t come as that much if a surprise considering they’ve taken over the publishing rights of Batman: Arkham Asylum 2, but today Warner Brothers has announced that they’ve bought a majority stake in developer Rocksteady.  The small UK developer who wowed us last year with the amazing Batman: Arkham Asylum will now join Warner Brother Interactive’s stable of developers which includes Midway and TT Games.

More mime acting and blocky action in this new Lego Harry Potter trailer

I was never a huge fan of the various LEGO games that we’ve seen released so far but I have to be honest and say that for some reason I’m finding LEGO Harry Potter to be mildly appealing.  Just as the premier trailer established it looks like LEGO Harry Potter is doing an admirable job of maintaining the LEGO charm and sense of humor while paying respect to the HP books/films.

First images of the Clash of the Titans game

UPDATE - March 11, 2010: New screens can be viewed here.



Monolith's next game could be a huge departure

Most of us know developer Monolith Productions as the studio behind the supernatural fps game F.E.A.R., that’s the one with the Ju-On type girl in it.  After developing games like the cult hit No One Lives Forever and TRON 2.0 Monolith has mostly been focused on F.E.A.R. but that could be changing soon based on a recent job listing that was posted.

The world of Harry Potter gets transformed in Lego Harry Potter

When you combine the popular Harry Potter series, which is still going strong despite being somewhat over, and the Lego video game franchise you get Lego Harry Potter.  Yup, after tackling Star Wars and Indiana Jones we’re now going to see the world of wizardry come to life in hilarious Lego form.

A peek at the Batman: Arkham Asylum Crime Alley stage

After the recent demo I'm sure the anticipation for "Batman: Arkham Asylum" is at a fever pitch. The game looks exceptional and it seems like the Dark Knight finally has a game that captures the essence of the character and the world he inhabits. 

Mortal Kombat 9 seeks to become the standard for online play in fighting games

Despite the recent financial troubles of Midway which resulted in the acquisition of Midway Chicago and the Mortal Kombat property by Warner Brothers Interactive, the production on the latest MK game is still going ahead full steam.

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