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Sony Readies Diggs Nightcrawler For Wonderbook, New Developer Diary Released

Sony has finally properly given us an update on the forthcoming second software release for their Wonderbook peripheral.  After taking us to a world of magic, wizards, and witches in Book of Spells, Sony will be taking gamers, both young and old alike, on an adventure filled with mystery and intrigue as told in Diggs Nightcrawler.

Diggs Nightcrawler Will Soon Arrive On Sony's Wonderbook

The next title for Sony’s unique Wonderbook device has finally been revealed. While a few titles and partners have been previously revealed as part of the Wonderbook initiative, such as the BBC and Disney, Sony has nonetheless been quiet on the matter after the release of Wonderbook: Book of Spells, which despite its magical premise failed to gather much of an audience in the North American market.

Sony's Wonderbook Device Receives A Magically Affordable Price + Release Date

It may not have had the best debut at Sony’s E3 2012 press conference, but the Wonderbook did have a near exceptional showing two months later at Gamescom.  The new PS3 peripheral may still not be for everyone, but after receiving a tease of Diggs Nightcrawler, learning that Disney is supporting the device, and seeing a glimpse of Walking With Dinosaurs from the BBC the Wonderbook didn’t seem like an absolute blunder as its E3 debut somewhat portrayed it as.

Wonderbook Book of Spells Preview [E3 2012]

Greeted with an amount of skepticism that’s even abnormal by the standard of the already jaded gaming community, Sony’s announcement of the Wonderbook peripheral for the PS3 was something that people just didn’t know how to compute in their heads.

Sony's Wonderbook Peripheral May Receive Support From A Major Company

It may not have had the best reveal at E3, but Sony’s new Wonderbook peripheral for the PS3 is indeed a thing that’s here to stay.  The thought of Sony skewing towards a younger demographic may seem a bit peculiar if not worrisome of what the future holds, but the Wonderbook could indeed open some new avenues in how people experience games and what their general perception of interactive entertainment is.

PlayStation E3 2012 Conference Recap

The point of any E3 conference is to impress those in attendance and those watching in the comfort of their own homes or in their dull grey office cubicles.  Going to E3 means that a company needs to put their best foot forward not only to impress the various subsets of gamers, but to also show their partners that they can bring the goods and maybe in some cases make their competitors feel utterly jealous.

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